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One girl (a lesbian) makes repeated attempts, some successful, of pulling another girl's pants down in public. There are repeated reguests to stop. Mother Sanity goes to the police, to the school. (Yesterday AM). As of this time, no one has discussed this matter with her. (Where are the parents? Sigh...Just another kid left out there to rot. Whatdoyoudo about this crap?

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Teach them basic self defense? Send them to school wearing a brand new pair of Frye boots?
I just raised hell. Brave kid.
Maybe start a parent group against assault in all the schools. Go Nationwide.....................
spandex undies and steel-toed boots. No, seriously, it's a serious situation that deserves a serious resolution. Would it be wrong to call the law - juvenile division?
Just did. The Sup, BOE, Princip, VP, etc. Whats going on here? Is it going on where you live?
Isn't unwelcome touching of another person legally considered battery.
First time ha ha. Second time cut it out. Third time 911.
First time, 911.
This same scenario happened to a friend of mine's son and it was another boy who did the 'bullying' as they called it. The other boy was suspended from school for 2 weeks and ostracized by the other kids, so I guess it depends on the school. If I were in your position and nothing was done I think I would jump over their heads and contact your State Board of Education. My dad was on the State Board for years here and these principals, sup, local school boards, etc. do not like to mess with them. They can really hit them where it hurts. $$$, allotment, jobs. Good luck.
Thank you. Damn fine idea!
Do you think the consequences would be different if it was a guy doing this?
Well in that case he could use the "Touch Football Defense"
Then it's time for a castration.




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