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I remember when I spent a lot of time in the land of boredom. But barely! That was 50 years ago. What happend?

I haven't been bored in ages.

So much to do so little time.

I'm retired. I spend all my time sitting on the bench in the park down by the County Courthouse. Right?

I don't think they even put out benches anymore. What happened? why aren't I sitting around grousing about the young people, and the country going to hell in a hand basket?

Well, I do that sometimes. But only when I go to the "We the People" thread.

I do have a part time position to provide me a free RV site. But that is only 20 hours a week.

I keep thinking that maybe I should find a girl friend to travel with me and then I would only have to work 10 hours a week. she could fill in the other ten hours. (:>)

I went to a Borders Book Store "going Out of Business" sale yesterday. Bought a bunch more books.

Here are the things I need to do. Learn to use Facebook. Learn to use more apps on my Blackberry. Study the Stockmarket. Relearn Microsoft Office Word. Brush up on Microsoft Excel. Eat Breakfast. Walk Happy(the dog).  Not, walk happy. I'm usually happy when walking Happy.

Check e-mail. Check my bank accounts. Download and learn to use Skype. so I can talk with my son In Afghanistan. Clean up and go to church. It's Sunday. Get prepared to work the first day of my three day workweek tomorrow.  Climb on top of the RV and wash the roof. Do laundry. Straighten and clean the RV. Read a book of lectures by George Soros. Read a couple Sci Fi books that I bought yesterday. Read a 422 page memoir by Christoper Hitchens, That I bought yesterday. Plan my travels for the next few months. Exercise.

Whee! I'm tired. Think I'll take a nap.

What does your schedule look like? 

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Oh, I just remembered; I have a brand new, expensive, GPS designed for RV use, that I need to learn how to set up and use before my next trip.
You just made me tired. I think I'll go find a bench to sit on.
I was on Facebook last night and one of those 'People You Might Know' popped up...we must have a mutual(s) friend. I went to her profile and she owned a local art gallery/event planner business. Just what I was looking for! Of course this morning I forgot her name and never did see how we were connected friend-wise...spent close to an hour searching in vain. So if you are a stunningly attractive artistic blonde please send me a friend request on Facebook.
Right. If I had not been so tired and thinking fuzzingly I would have done that.
I have more 'yesterdays' than I do 'tomorrows'.......so, no , i don't have enough time.

DD, hat reminded me of an old saying from back in the day.

Dope will get you through times of no money, but money won't get you through times of no dope.

My off time is mostly my own now.  I have a innate ability to piss away lots of time. Sometimes I feel very guilty...sometimes not so much.  

Have no husband or babies to raise..no family to answer to here.  My kids live nearby but I am their mother, not their mommy anymore.

I answer to the power that commands I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge.  I'm very lucky that I like what I do and am good at doing it.  I have a meaningful purpose..plus I get paid handsomely for it.

I will admit I do need to keep filling my brain..I have lots of underutilized gray matter...*off to see Mr Google*!!


I seem to be adding on more things to do than paring it down to do-able. I'd like to climb the local mountain and check out swimming at the lake. Plant garlic. Read that stack of books that reaches to my belly button. Finish crazy quilt , the sequel. Insulate under the addition more. There's another 10 lbs of peaches to process. They aren't going to keep so that's the priority. I didn't like the way that the first batch of peach chutney came out. So I made another smaller batch. It isn't unusual for me to change my recipes.For zuchinni bread , I add more zuchinni and squeeze out the extra juice and always use wheat germ and olive oil. I'd like to be a better cook. Have a cleaner house. A more interesting yard. And what about the couple hundred dollars worth of art supplies that I bought for the big someday. I bop till I drop when I'm lost in doing something.Sometimes just making up my mind which direction to go in is the biggest problem.

Keeps me out of trouble.  ;-)

Do I have enough time? I guess so for now since its summer and I'm on vacation. Yes, there is more time allotment to do what is necessary, but is what is necessary relevant to the quality how I want my life to be lived? I don't know.


Looking at the broader picture of my life, I think time is irrelevant to meaningful living. What counts more are the special moments interspersed in my schedule of doing things that are necessary. Have I had more of these moments lately. Definitely, my summer has been an eventful one with unexpected journeys and almost unimaginable decisions.


I would like to detrain myself from living in the rigid time-oriented mindset I have while at work and learn to live in "congo time," Jamaican style lol. In other words, make my life one long summer vacation. The weekend before last was packed with meaningful moments for me. I had such a fun time.

                                 New York Renaissance Faire Sunday and the Red Hawk Pow Wow, Saturday




I'm heading for Buffalo for my cousin's wedding and Toronto this week.

Hopefully, I get to ride Maiden of the Mist too

in Ontario...a ride which will take me behind Niagara Falls.

I am rarely bored...that's what being a reader does for you ;-D


Do I have enough time? Depends what I'm thinking about doing...




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