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Do you have a nagging idea of some condition or event in the future that keeps popping up? Will we need sunblock as thick as mudmask? Will they dig up the stuff we throw away today because they found a use for some of it tomorrow? What if they find a way to make more energy from nuclear waste?

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I predict some one will create a new breed of dog from a cross

of a bulldog and a Shitz ztu.

It will be called Bullshitz, and politicians will  pay millions for it.

I predict that working on Volkswagons while naked will be the next you-tube sensation.

I saw that the "Pawn Stars" guys were working on a VW the other evening......I hope THEY don't get the idea to try it!

right Stir, That would not be a pretty picture.

I can't even imagine that. At least I don't want to.

I predict someone will divulge the secret gay affair Richard Nixon had with a Cuban mobster. Oh wait, it already is news. 

That revelation lends some validity to the old political slogan, "Dick Nixon before he dicks you".

You kind of had to wonder about a vicious mobster/grown man/notorious bad dresser whose nickname was "Baby".

I predict Marie Osmond will call Snagg's Radio Show and demand more Christian Death Metal groups be played.

Pshaw. Already happened, years ago. It was when I began to realize that I was getting through to people. (You wouldn't believe what she offered me if I'd do it. Turns out that Jimmy Osmond is a bigger whore than she is.)

I predict that, on Tuesday, Michelle Bachmann will turn up at a burned-out bingo parlor in Rapid City, South Dakota to announce that she is "getting back in the race", and she will wonder why she and her camera crew are the only people at the "Vermont Primary".

I predict Snagg will win a million dollars counting cards In las Vegas.

I predict my dog will design an experiment where he drools into someone's mouth to see if a bell rings.




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