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I received this video via email. I was going to ignore it when I saw it was 10 minutes long. I'm glad I watched it, twice.

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Does sound like he pushed the envelope as far as interrogation went
I agree with Colonel West's viewpoint on the matter. How does that translate into me telling you how to solve your problem ? I would like to make this point COW3ROBBIE. A recognition of a problem is the beginning of it's solution. The "American Apologist" approach ?..... how has that worked out so far ? And what must we do to satisfy the thirst of those whose desire it is to extinguish us and our way of life ? The matter of Israel and the other "natural enemies" of their cause ..... What is to be of them ? It is clear to me that many, both here in Canada and the U.S. much prefer the "safe" rationalization that we wouldn't be facing these difficulties if it were not for the likes of Israel. A blame game, so to speak. Frankly, I believe it is only because of Israel's existence that this fight was not brought to our doorstep years earlier. This is indeed an ugly dilemma we all face. An ugly dilemma because these extremists offer the world the choice between war and conversion. Let's not choose both. As with all answers COW3ROBBIE, the solutions cannot be reached without first understanding the question. Like you and every other living soul, I dearly hope that a peaceful solution can be found. I just fail to recognize how this peace is our choice to make. There are between 2,500 and 2,900 Canadian troops in the Kandahar region ( a most troubled region ) of Afghanistan. They have been there since 2002 and have suffered 142 casualties to date. I would hope these truths makes this as much my "dog in this fight" as yours.
That works........lmao
So, are you proposing that we kill every muslem in the world? How do we distinguish between the ones who want to convert us or wipe us out and those that are moderate. We have an enemy. We have trouble identifying that enemy. We have trouble finding the enemy. So, do we just kill anyone who looks like they might be a muslem? In Viet Nam We were fighting in the South. I always thought we should have attack the North, but I'm not sure that would have changed the outcome. As far as I can discern ,Veit Nam has not caused us any problems in the last 20 years,except for selling us a lot of merchandise cheaper than we can make it here. Adding to our loss of manufactoring jobs.
LMAO. Just the ones pointing guns and throwing mortars at us Robbie. I have a strong feeling that Washington is keeping the hands of our military tied, I've said that 3 or 4 times in here. Colonel West has a much better grip on the situation than you or I. I'd like to see Washington give our military leaders free reign to end this conflict, determine who the Taliban and Al Quaida are and finish them off. Not an easy task for sure, but doable if Washington would quit worrying about the 'American image'.

I don't know what happened to the video.
There was a very good reason why the Founders put a civilian in charge of the military.
What I would propose ROBBIE is that both of our countries stop the further influx of Muslim immigrants until we learn to sift the chaff from the grain. And if that day never arrives, so be it. It is as much the moral duty of the " moderate Muslim " to speak out and ACT against the radical Muslim factions as it is the moral duty of " moderate Christians " to speak out and act against our own radical factions.......and we do. Herein lies our greatest difference. Those that are not for us are against us. This is where I would start, fully recognizing that I would be accused of racial profiling by many on the left. So be that as well. Once this position was made clear, I would support as well our allegiance to any country that displayed a willingness to take a stand against this terrorist mentality. And this includes Israel, which would also find me on the receiving end of outrage by many on the left. A stronghold in Afghanistan by the Taliban puts them one step closer to the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. These people are there for a reason. I say keep our focus here for the time being. Just my opinion.
Doesn't Matter, What you say here makes a lot more sense to me than what I have read and seen in this discussion so far. I am posting a vidio of Lt. Col. West that impresses me much more than the previous video. Here he sound like a reasonable Military Officer. In the first video he was playing to the crowd to which he was speaking. Now, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing I will leave up to others to decide. But this video impresses me much more than the first one.

I see it like this Robbie. I understood him to mean, let's end this thing with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban is our enemy as well as Al Quaida. I don't care who Col. West is or what he hopes to gain. We all know we blew it in Nam. I believe West when he said LBJ was calling the shots from D. C. Because our hands were tied in Nam, both North Viet Nam and South Viet Nam are now communist. We can end this thing in Afghanistan and bring most of our troops home. As of right now we have two enemies, Taliban and Al Quaida. It's time to get real tough and save innocent lives, which will no doubt mean losing some innocent lives. We need to work for the greater good, even if it makes us look "bad".

Again! The extremists aren't going to stop ever. Let's wipe them out as they crop up. It's going to make us look "bad". Not good for our image. LMAO as if we look good now to all those who are jealous of us.
I agree with all that in principal. Just don't know how to do it. I haven't heard anyone else tell how to do it. Lt. Col. West can really rant,but i found no "Plan" contained in anything he said. It's easy to rant about what is, or is not being done, but I want details. At least who we are going to attak, and how we are going to do it. If the enemy is Islam, why did Cheny send us into Iraq? Iraq was pretty secular at that time. The solution to this mess is not clear. When somebody has the guts and smarts, to lay out a plan, I'll study it and let you know if I think it'll work. Untill then, I have trouble trusting any rabble rousing politition.
I found another video of Lt. Col. West. In this one he is much more reasoned, and provides some solutions instead of just appealing to the emotional side of the argument.
It is posted 3 replys above this one, if anyone is still interested in the subject.
Thanks for posting that Robbie. He definitely knows the enemy and knows how to defeat them. I understood him to say we need to change the rules of engagement, and we need to coordinate with the allies. IMO it would be a good idea to get NATO and their rule book out of afghanistan. Ya gotta love this guy!




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