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I just got an e-mail with the West Virginia University football schedule for 2012.

The Lawsuit has been settled and they are now in the Big 12. Guess RRC will be going to Morgantown, WV on Oct. 20th to watch KS lose to WVU.

What do you think about all the conference realignments?

Many of the historic rivalries such as WVU and Pittsburgh, Texas and Texas A&M are no more.

What do you think about these developments?  Or do you have better things to worry about? 

Put in your 2 cents.

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I think losing the regional conferences is a real mistake. Not only does it breakup some great rivalries but it also forces longer travel and time away from classes. That is why they go to college isn't it.

Its all about the $$.

BTW, we Michigan State fans were elated with RichRod's performance at U of Michigan.  We were sorry to see him go!  ;-0

Hey, How is the Michigan Basketball team doing? You know that Michigan Stole the WVU Basketball coach (Behlein) the same year. He had gotten WVU to the 3rd round of the NCAA tournament the year before. Haven't heard anything about him since. Hope he had as much success as RichRod. They (Mich) also tried to hire the WVU women's Soccer Coach, but she had the good sense to not go. 

MSU & UM split in basketball this regular season.  Beyond that, we don't pay no nevermind to UM.

Upon Texas A&M University joining the SEC, Pru sent me the following text: "Aggies Leaving the Big 12? I guess we can be friends now."

Why do so many teams want to jump into the SEC? Dumb question, it is the money. It also means you have to compete in the conference that has the last 6 National Championships. Any of the newbies thinking of winning?

The Aggies were National Football Champions in 1939.  National Womens Basketball Champions last year. As well as prior National Champions in Golf and Track and Field.

I was of course talking football but the SEC also has won many basketball championships, think Kentucky and Tennessee, both men and women's. Vanderbilt has one of the best baseball teams in the country every year and has been know to win the tennis championship several times. The Aggies may be able to compete but winning a championship may be tough.

The Aggies I fear will be the Bayor of the SEC for about 5 years, but alot richer.





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