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Dear Mr. President,

I'm one of those Americans that lives in flyover country. I was treated to your much publicized 'teaching moment' last night and felt a response was warranted.

I'd like to say, with all respect, that this American resents the patronizing arrogance you exhibited as you deigned to 'teach America' about race. First off, I don't need lessons on race from you. I take my teachings from the Bible, not a man who sat through 20 years of 'hate whitey' sermons. I'd much prefer you bestow your teachable moments on, oh, say terrorists, or enemies of democracy.

Secondly, if you were genuinely interested in promoting racial healing, you might have used that teachable moment last night to address the third rail of race relations: namely, the reluctance of many blacks to look at whites without automatically assuming they are racists.

Last night, you had the perfect teachable moment, but, alas, you let it slip through your grasp. You had a wealthy, influential black man who continues to insist he is still oppressed. Then you had the white police officer who was merely doing his job in the correct manner. And then, we had you, Mr. President, a prime example of the problem. Said problem being the automatic assumption of racism without any facts to back it up.

You might have touched on the fact that many blacks of your generation have been taught that anything bad that happens in their life is a result of white oppression. You could have extrapolated or calibrated the fact that attitudes like that are extremely counterproductive and keep many blacks mired in the false comfort of victimization.

You might have addressed the fact that the only oppression happening these days is by your buddies Castro, Chavez and all the other third world dictators you seem to think are misunderstood men of good will.

Hey, you actually could have lectured your buddy Gates on the proper etiquette when dealing with law enforcement officers. Think of the great message that would have sent to young Americans. Respect for the law. That would have been a good thing to teach. But you let the opportunity pass with nary a word.

I'm sorry you didn't get a good soundbite or photo op out of this unrelenting media saga. I know you were envisioning a hearty three way handshake that could be flashed around the world, signifying absolutely nothing. But the evening wasn't a total waste. I actually did learn something.

I learned that you, and Henry Gates and other black men continue to believe that America is a racist country. I learned that you, Mr. President, will never solve any problems of race until you acknowledge your own racism against whites. I don't think that will happen in my lifetime but I will continue to 'hope' for 'change'.

And just out of curiosity, I was wondering what in the world you, the President of the greatest country in the world, is doing mediating the equivalent of a traffic ticket when our young men are dying in Afghanistan, our economy is in meltdown and Iran is on the brink of nuking Israel. Do you really think that was the best use of your time and political capital?

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I don't think he "hates" his white grandma - he simply considers a "typical white woman"...what is that, exactly?
Great point!

Don't know if this is authentic, if not, someone did an unbelievable job of making it look authentic. I'm not even sure if I linked this correctly, it's supposed to be the Cambridge Police report. Try clicking on it.

Don't know if this is authentic, if not, someone did an unbelievable job of making it look authentic. I'm not even sure if i linked this correctly, it's supposed to be the Cambridge Police report.

I can't figure out how "calibrate" should be used in this context??

LOL thinking of the jolt many posters will get seeing this discussion resurface.

"In order to see images the way they were intended to be seen, your monitor might need to be calibrated."???

Good effort, Maricel!  ;o)

My God!!!!! "Who the Hell Let Nancy Morgan back in here" was my first thought. Then I saw the date.

2009. and heaved a sigh of relief. Altho I will say that she did serve a purpose for me. Whenever I wanted to rip somebody's head off I would go read one of her posts and compose an answer. Got rid of a lot of built up pressure that way. (:>)

I remember that she used to stir things up.

She was a test to see how many people are closed..................... Minded............

It worked.




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