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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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I understand.  I had to stop in and stir things up a bit.  Ha. 


One tick away.  And most people were worried about Palin?   

Democrats controlled the house and senate for the first two years of Obama's term.  No budget passed. They need to stop blaming Bush and accept responsibility.  They couldn't control the spending?  


Of course they couldn't control spending. We had to cover the Debt that the Republicans had run up during the preceeding 8 years. Since when has any politician accepted responsibility unless they are pleading for mercy from the court. I can not understand how anyone but the very upper class could vote for a republican. I think the Democrats want to reestablish the middle class, Reduce income enequity , Increase preventive Medical care. Rebuild the infrastructure, engage the rest of the world as working partners to improve living conditions, figure out how to reduce runaway world population growth(which BTW is what is causing the majority of the worlds problems) and generally improve humanity's condition. It appears to me that the Republicans want to make the rest of the world submit to rule by the US, convert to christianity, openly establish the rich as a ruling class, take away most of the freedoms that I fought to gain and maintain.

I’m a republican that is not rich. Come to my state and I will show how good liberals do running the place.

They ran off all the businesses around here. They raise our taxes to pay for programs that don’t work.

Self defense is like Florida, If someone chops your head off and you shoot them, both you and your head are going to prison.

They pander to Mexicans.

If you cut back on your gas consumption, you get special taxed.

This is part of the United Chuckhole States of America.

We are going to fix the roads with your tax money…………………… Sure.

Anybody that makes over $200000 a year is handed a bill if a school gets a leaky roof. The Doctors are leaving. Intel is looking to leave. Fine job they do running the place.

So what is your solution darroll?

Give all the money to the rich and they will create jobs? If the middle class does not have money to buy things the rich aren't going to create one job.

How would you fix the infrastructure? Do you think the rich are going to just fix it because they want to?

where do you live? I have never heard of such a place as you discribe.

I live in Oregon and this liberal place is next to the Mr. Big Liberal, California.

I’m worried about my wife when I’m gone. If she shoots someone for raping/attacking her, off she goes to the big house. Also you will be charged for discharging a gun in the city limits. This is scary, you have to have a witness that says the person tried to kill you. If I shoot an intruder, I’m the guilty party. What were they thinking. We have to use other means.

You can’t give all the money to the rich, after taxes, leave them the money to expand their business.

What we don’t like about the taxing of $200,000 earners is when they go underground  (RICH)with legal loop holes, they come after us.

My wife changed her dentist because the bridge that she has to drive over is about to fall down. The money gets collected for the infrastructure but the funds gets diverted to some ones pet project. We need a leader that will not allow that to happen. No, If the bridge falls down the rich will get one of those cars that will float across the river. If the rich paid for the bridge before it fell down, the politicians will make them fix the falling down schools.

This is a real catch-22.

P.A. got it right.....the rich are not to create jobs out of the goodness of their heart. If the middle class doesn't have money to buy, there's no need to create jobs. The rich can get along fine catering to each other. With their wealth they can overcome all the broken bridges and bad roads without help from the dwindling middle class. It is their desire to have two classes.....the very rich and the poor, who will be nothing but slaves to the whims of the rich. This has been the aim for years and should the republicans gain control of the White House next year we may well see it culminated within two years.

That's when the poor who still have balls will take up arms and the revolution will begin.


According to stats 88 million people don't pay taxes, this must mean they are poor?

That's going to be one big revolution.

The poor peoples leaders sure arn't poor. Is this telling us something? 

Here's what the stats really say.

In the USA in 2012 there are 62 million people who are too young to work (under 15) and 40 million people past retirement age (not to mention people who stay in school past age 15, or are unemployed at any given moment).  There are also people who work, but make so little that they do not end up owing any income tax, but not many.

Considering the actual numbers, I think it's surprising that there are only 88 million people who don't pay income tax.

That's MR. Stepp to you. darroll.

ima a'feelin that romnee is a atheeist




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