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Usually the new year finds me in great spirits. Toms back to work, the kids are in school, my routine gets re-established. But not this year. Although its true I'm getting over this flu (that always leaves me depressed), I just cant get myself excited about anything. Maybe its the wretched cold. Dont know.

I realize that for major depression, there are major drugs, but outside of that, what quick fixes do y'all have out there? And happy new year to all of you! You are dear and wonderful people.

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Sex before or after the meal? Would we be asked to leave?

I don't feel depressed about all the cold and snow, I just have that pissed off feeling.
Do other diners come by to ask what you're having?
Once I get past the "Hide in The Man Cave" stage, a favorite meal (pasta is usually involved) will get me going. From there a call to Hannah and a movie date will help. If I can't arrange that, I might have a temporary freak out ( see 2 days ago) and just unload what I can. The freak out is rare, because I do have the friends and a Mother IRL and friends here at TBD that I can get some help from.
My depression is picky, it usually shows up when I least expect it, I keep myself blind to it until it slams me.
Felicia, what is EFA?
Yes, I think I need to cancel getting the newspaper, I so want to be oblivious to what is going on. But other than that, I light up the Christmas Tree, I think we'll leave it up for an extra week this year. A bubblebath usualy gives me an attitude adjustment along with facial. And TBDing helps too.
Seems that getting out of bed and back to work has helped...to show me how far behind I've gotten. And this wretched cold! Swine Flu, I believe. I wake myself up because the racket inside my chest sounds like a gang shoot out! Thanks for all your kind thoughts fols! Happy New Year to all of you. Love, Jackie




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