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I've got fresh berries and vanilla ice-cream!  That's just about my favorite thing in the entire world.  I really love (okay, this is weird) lounging in a warm bath with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream that's surrounded by strawberries and blueberries.

It's extra nice when my cabana boy refills my bowl for me.

What's something that you like better than sex?

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Sex will melt your ice-cream.

Uhhh.......more sex????

Nothing I can think of right now.

Are there anymore men around here that would care to chime in and give the same answer?

I'm still thinking.  ;-)

Me too, Tee.

Nope, can't think of anything. Well, maybe winning the lottery. Wonder, would that enhance my sex life?

we kep rite on a'havin it ever nite but it gut so twuz as much lack a job as innythang lack I wuz a'gone to the grossry store

I forgot.

I'm the only woman that thinks ice-cream is better than sex?

C'mon girls.



Damn Slim, because if you, I'll never  look at an ice cream cone the same again.


I just had ice cream!




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