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I don't know how common they are any more, but I remember those picture booths that used to be around at every mall and grocery store in town. I even have some great shots that come with silly memories of being stuffed into one of those places with a couple of friends. Have you ever taken your picture in one of those booths? Who was it with? How long ago?

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Isn't it just fun? The photo booth also figures prominently in the movie Amelie. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.
Yep, had a bunch with my cousins And a bunch with buddies when I was in Army Basic training. The only place we were allowed to go was the PX and they had one there. We took whatever little amusment we could where we could.
There is a photo booth at the local movie theater but I have not had my picture taken there.
A long time ago with a girlfriend. We were in high school. There was a photo booth at the penny arcade in Conneaut Lake Amusement Park.
Is the amusement park still there? Most of those have closed around here.
Larry, I was at conneaut lake in 1949. Still have a post card somewhere of the ducks standing on the backs of the carp that we were throwing bread crumbs too.
Sheldon, that's pretty adorable. You can tell your daughter is having a great time, but I think you're having even more fun.




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