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Are you aware of it? Do you know what it requires? Does it require all of us to prove that we are a legal US citizen or face prison? When would this be considered unreasonable search and seizure?

As the comedians say, "I couldn't be making this up". A California congressman says that hair and shoes can be an indication of someone being an illegal alien. Do I need to visit a barber and shoe store before crossing into Arizonia? The Governor of Arizonia says that she does not know how to identify an illegal alien but by golly her law enforcement personnel will require papers be shown when they identify someone who looks like one. However, racial profiling is illegal so if the Law Enforcement personnel use that they will be breaking the law. Who is on First? 

What is your take on this law? 

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I'm anti-human trafficing in general, whether it be for the sex industry or agriculture. And who the bad guys are , are a matter of who has created the largest stack of dead bodies. The Aztecas perhaps.

And yes I know what it's like to get profiled (at an airport) on the way to PR. I found a nice little note in my suitcase when I arrived that they had searched it. They also pulled me aside for some extra scrutiny.
My daughter in law is Brazilian and she is sooo sweet. But even she wouldn't go walking through the Favelas(sp) alone.
I agree w/Bill & pickleallen. The situation w/illegal immigration is causing tremendous burdens in our country, and to U.S. citizens - in tax dollars, healthcare, criminal activity, the justice system, social welfare & other areas. I support, as Bill refers, to eliminating the lure. U.S. citizens & business owners & managers bear a lot of responsibility. If we make it so that it is not conducive for people to hire illegal immigrants, like others have said here, the incentive to be here illegally drops dramatically. I would be considered a compassionate, 'do-gooder' type, socially conscientious, politically moderate, leaning to the left. My views of having & upholding laws to prevent illegal immigration are not incongruent w/how I've just described myself. I think this actually, is one of many issues by which we could stop pigeon-holing & compartmentalizing people, stop the partisan polarization & think & act reasonably. I appreciate the posts here - thank you.

I think this is the event in the news that the references to WWII are coming from.
I could write a page on this, but I will just say, I agree with Pickle and move on quitely.--Gooodnight Chet--(and if you do not remember what that means--think)
goodnight David
thank you, pickle==
In your scenario there is probable cause, that is left out of Arizona's new law. It say only a reasonable belief that the person is here illegally. That I believe is in violation of the fourth amendment. I'd like to know where all the second amendment supporters and the people who feel the health care bill is unconstitutional are on this subject.
Let's see I have a pre-existing condition and even before that happened , I was in favor of some sort of health care reform. I don't mind the second amendment supporters here locally as very few people lock thier houses and cars. This is second amendment country and that seems to be working for us quite well.

I have to wonder if this bill, described as a tool is going to be used the same way tax evasion laws were used against Al Capone.
I guess I won't be headed to Arizona, cause I don't have my "papers". I applied for them, but the AKC said I wasn't a registered breed.
How many People have to die, before we think there's a problem?
My problem isn't with people who are "pulled over for routine auto offense". My problem lies in the fact that according to this law brown skin becomes all the suspicion that law enforcement needs to ask for the papers. That I believe is where the violation of the fourth amendment resides.
22,700 dead Latinos and Latinas so far and the Gov of Ariz had nothing to do with that. I have to go for my license soon and produce all sorts of paperwork .The only link that I see to WWII is the neo-nazi hate rally in L.A. against minorities in general. I have a Jewish last name,because I married the grandson of a Rabbi who was actually in one of the concentration camps and survived and I'm not exactly blonde or blue-eyed. I would much rather be profiled and stopped then see all these people getting in way over their heads with gangs. Not to mention all the other reasons already put out there for people to think over. Who killed these 22,700 people, the Gov of Ariz? I think not!




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