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We all live somewhere. Some of us are rooted to one place. Others move often. During the time I was growing up, most people seemed to want to move somewhere else. At least that's the way it seemed. I know that I couldn't wait to move somewhere else. At 19 I went from West Virginia to Colorado.  I have moved frequently ever since. I now live in an RV, but I'm thinking of settling down and staying in one place.

The problem is in picking the place.

If you like where you live could you tell us why?

If you are thinking of moving, where to?

If you don't like where you are but have no plan to move, Why?

I'm looking for the perfect place.

Want to help me find it? 

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I guess Vicki left.

"Bless yer heart" is an expression used in all kinds of situations....sometimes a little derogatory, and sometimes not. Depends on the mood and the recipient.

Who's Vicki?

Damn it! Did I miss the fun again???

Someone tell me what "Vicki" said? Please?

Vicki appeared to be spaming us. She complimented every post and then left a web address. She was everywhere this morning.
Yep, P.A., I was fumbling about, trying to get my Visa Card ready, should she have requested my numbers.
I missed her too. Darn, bless her heart, she didn't get meet me.
I almost bought a "Southern Dictionary" today, but decided it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much to learn this late in my life.

Forget the Southern Dictionary......if you happen to see "How to Talk Texan" latch onto that posthaste. I gave one to Jaylee and she is so much easier to converse with now.     :-)

Only when your accent doesn't get in the way.  :-p
I have an accent???
No Bob you do not. We Southerners do not have accents. It is all of those people elsewhere that have accents. We speak the Queen's English.
Thanks....that's what i thought..




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