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We all live somewhere. Some of us are rooted to one place. Others move often. During the time I was growing up, most people seemed to want to move somewhere else. At least that's the way it seemed. I know that I couldn't wait to move somewhere else. At 19 I went from West Virginia to Colorado.  I have moved frequently ever since. I now live in an RV, but I'm thinking of settling down and staying in one place.

The problem is in picking the place.

If you like where you live could you tell us why?

If you are thinking of moving, where to?

If you don't like where you are but have no plan to move, Why?

I'm looking for the perfect place.

Want to help me find it? 

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Jolene, Sounds Ideal. except for the winters.
Yah, dat JoJo seems real happy livin' up here in dese nordern climes, eh?  What da hey, she's lived inna couple a' dem, an' she unnerstands how dey talk an' what floats dere boats.
Pig latin?
It's just hard to talk with frozen lips. He'll be alright by July 4th.
Dat dere is Yooperese, Q...dey speak it up dere in Da You Pea a' Michigan.
Oh Gary, I got accused more often once I moved back to ND from Michigan of being from Canada. They really can understand the eh, and all those other odd things yoopers say! Making snow, and watching Superior make ice. Panking snow, and eating pasty's.  I heard they fell off the grid the other day, thank goodness someone found the switch and turned the lights back on.
Don' forget dat Trenary Toast, JoJo...dey sell a lot of dat stuff, but maybe its mostly to dem Trolls dat get dat far up dere into da Yoop.
When you guys start talking English again, let me know.
Ya, OK Queue, we'll do just dat, eh?  ;D
Wow....and some poor souls, bless their hearts, actually think we talk funny down here in Texas.   LOL...

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that must mean we have gone mainstream, omg.




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