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We all live somewhere. Some of us are rooted to one place. Others move often. During the time I was growing up, most people seemed to want to move somewhere else. At least that's the way it seemed. I know that I couldn't wait to move somewhere else. At 19 I went from West Virginia to Colorado.  I have moved frequently ever since. I now live in an RV, but I'm thinking of settling down and staying in one place.

The problem is in picking the place.

If you like where you live could you tell us why?

If you are thinking of moving, where to?

If you don't like where you are but have no plan to move, Why?

I'm looking for the perfect place.

Want to help me find it? 

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I HATE moving. As a kid I moved 13 times by the time I was 11. I recently moved to FL. but only because I wanted to be near my one and only grandson. That said, I am still strugling with the feeling of "HOME" and not seeing a small handfull of friends I have in OH. Sadly, I have no friends here, and that's why TBD is so important to me. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Reserve me a spot in Texas.

Alright darroll. The Escapees RV club has spot reserved for you.
I don't know yet.

Maryland is a nice place to live.

I live in NJ. rent and taxes is hog high, but the gas is less. There are no tornadoes and earthquakes.

It is good if you like boats/beach/fishing.

first, beautiful pic you attached, Robbie.

I've moved a lot & lived in many places, too.
Growing up we moved to new towns when I was 2, 6, 10, 14, 16 & 18. And w/in the moves to those towns, we often moved to a couple different houses. I think I'm in my 25th home now.
I moved out on my own a few weeks after I graduated from high school & since then have been more stable, but still have gone from Birmingham, AL to NY to Atlanta (where I lived for 18 years) to SE Michigan & now back to Atlanta.

I've decided this in my last couple of moves: there are pros & cons to everywhere, and sacrifices to every decision.
My personal preference is a mild climate w/a sense of community. The sense of community part means that I would like to live in a place where I have good friends & am not isolated in terms of my social/political/religious leanings.
I prefer living in or near a city over living in a rural area. I like Atlanta, but am not tied to it.
I've given it thought from time to time, too, Robbie, and haven't come up w/a place that would be utopia for me. If you find it, let me know, would ya?
Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in this place by circumstances and at others I am glad  I live where a I know most of the people and own my house outright. I think I would like a second or vacation home for part time living. I will have to start playing the lottery again if I have any hope of doing that.

I moved to my current area in 1975.  I've lived in six different homes since I've been here. 

I didn't plan this to be my final stop when I got here...at age twenty eight and single.  I didn't concern myself with such things.

Now that I'm mostly retired, I find that I don't want to leave here.  I like it....in many ways its still Small Town America, and in 36 years, its turned into a retirement community.

So God willing, this is my last stop.  It was a fortuitous find for me in 1975, and I treasure my time here.

Wow. That is really a nice thing to hear, Stir. Thank you for sharing it w/us. I hope the rest of us become as fortunate as you have been in our places of residence.

I LOVE where I live- beautiful neighborhoods, near mountains, rivers, and even the Atlantic Ocean, Conveniently located 20 minutes away from Manhattan, 2 blocks from Bergen County, NJ- another very nice area, and a strong sense of American history. The only drawbacks are real estate taxes are high and winters could be harrowing in Jan & Feb.


Robbie, you should try Long Beach Island RV Park one summer. Its a very, very nice part of The Jersey Shore to visit.



I love visiting the Jersey Shore and have great memories there with my kids.

It would be cool if you found your way to The Leelanau during your travels.
B A F, did you get your convertible storage bench/bed made for your car?




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