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According to what I perceive to be the popular opinion of culture and class, I ain't got none.

An article from an editorial in our local paper yesterday, the headline:"Performance shows culture has a place in the Valley".


A local couple bought an old opera house in 2000 and restored it. Good for them. The first performance in 100 years was held there last year. I hate opera. Poor Kittycat, she claims to like opera, this started early in our marriage 20 some years ago when I walked in on her watching opera on PBS. I said to her, "nobody likes opera, some only pretend to". She still insists to this day that she enjoys opera. And I still half jokingly say nobody enjoys opera.


Of course writers and editors believe they have a little more class than the rest of us. Here's a quote from the article:

"Our area has been knocked around in a number of national rankings when it comes to culture. But we now have something to point at that shows with the right people and proper resources our little neck of the woods can stand up with the best of them when it comes to cultural activities".



Another quote:

"If our area really wants to grow and attract people and businesses then it needs to support these and similar ventures."


Give me a break! Businesses come to an area where they can make the most profit. A good school system, clean neighborhoods and low crime helps. Some businesses may claim that culture attracted them, but I don't believe it.


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Larry you do have culture just not the kind of culture they are talking about. I don't like Opera either. Around here people like Opry.
I enjoy the music at the Opry. :)

Is it back to tip top condition yet Pickle?
The Opry House will be unusable for 4 to 6 months but the Opry is being held at other venues around town. Other venues were also damaged so they play where ever they can. Last weekend they were at a Baptist church. I thought that was funny. Honky tonk music in a Baptist church. It might do them, the Baptists, some good however.
That makes sense Pru. It's a shame since it's about image, but it definitely makes sense.
Larry, Does the valley have enough horses to put on a proper opera?
Not as many as 100 years ago, but we still have plenty. There's several right across the road from me.
I wonder how many of the avid opera goers really enjoy themselves.
Is it a way to show off their new necklace or dress?
Maybe the opera is just a way to get away from the rednecks.
I wonder the same thing Darroll.
Does Tommy count?
Of course you love the opera. I don't think it's right to force your mom and kids to go.
Enjoy this while I go find a rope.

I can't help being snarky. I need intervention.




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