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Seven hundred million dollars for wild horses in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s . People losing their homes and jobs. People dying because they can't afford health care etc.etc. And those idiots in Washington spend millions on horses that no one wants.

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Yeah, how much goes to the horses? How much was spent on the study to reach this figure? How many taxpayer lunches? Stupidity has been around forever and it's alive and well today!
How much for the glue factory that the taxpayers will need to send the horses to?
I'm at work using my phone....I'll post a link or two when I get home, or you could probably just Google wild horses...the bill just passed in the last day or two.
Wild horses are a part of America, saving them is important to what we are. What do you think they are going to do give checks to the horses. People will have jobs saving these horses.
Embarrassing isn't it? But at least it's not a billion, sounds like a bargain, a drop in the bucket compared to what we've been spending so far this year.
What do you expect from this administration. Human beings are an inconvenient presence on the earth to these clowns. Create jobs? Yeah right....
Yeah and they'd be seasonal jobs let em roam during the summer and round em up for winter. Real jobs...right.

1GL actually he is saving jobs. He has his new card check or whatever it's called to create unions at McDonald's. Just think we're transferring wealth from feckless big business fat cats over to thuggish criminal union fat cats.
Sounds like a plan but I don't fit in.
I like horses. But that seems like a lot of for them.
They should round them up , there aren't that many geld the males, and set the free in a safe place.
But that is too much money for that.
People should come before animals. People are hungry, need, homes and stuff.
A nice thought but you can't eat symbols or dreams.
Union Carpenter so I guess I just go hang on the corner in the middle of town and wait for someone to give me a job at $15/hr. Works for the illegals, and then maybe the rest of this nation can pay for my healthcare, housing, legal fees. I don't have to pay taxes anymore, don't need a driver's license or insurance. Yeah, why do four years of apprenticeship and stay in the trade for 30 years, upgrading my skills through classes at our training center when I could have it so much easier! Just say no to American Unions and let foreigners reap all the benefits. GREAT PLAN 1 GL! LET'S PUT ALL THE UNION TRADESMEN IN THIS COUNTRY OUT OF WORK. ANYONE CAN DO IT, RIGHT!
Tell him to quit if he's not happy! I worked all my life Union and I like what I do. I don't think there should be any illegals here period. What is so hard is they take work and get paid and the money doesn't stay here. I do side work when I'm laid off, so yes I can work without the union. I have seen companies worked on Federal jobs employing illegal aliens. Now common they can't locate them?
And the path to our financial woes? Over 20 years of elite economics. The idea that the market should be allowed to make major social and political decisions, the idea the State should voluntarily reduce its role in the economy, and that corporations should be given total freedom while trade unions should be curbed and citizens given less rather than more social protection.




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