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I live in a part of Virginia that did at one time get lots of snow. Now with the changing of times it has changed to where we get less than a ft a year. I am getting ready to go out the door and it is 34 degees and we have more than 6inches on snow on the ground. I look outside on the old Webber grill that has been sitting there for years and the stack is so high it is falling off the peak. I bought a new barn building last December and I think it has not been snowed on. I sit here and I wonder if this is part of the global warming(just joking) or what the heck is happening.
With this I will put on my boots and wander outside to find a scraper and call the man to get the walk ways. Where is my warm coat? The temp just dropped to 32---God Bless America

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Comment by Kittycat on December 6, 2009 at 8:19pm
Global warming means strange weather patterns will be occurring the warmer the globe gets, I think. So you could be right. :)



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