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So I'm new here...

Well, here I go again. Venturing out into new territory. A new venue to meet new people and experiences. I have been restructuring my life for the past two years and I find new opportunities at every turn. I guess I'm really learning that the only predictable thing in life is change.

Change has never been a favorite word of mine as it applies to life. I enjoy change when it applies to unimportant things like…


Added by Rita DiTrolio on October 28, 2011 at 12:54pm — 3 Comments

We are far better than this,

Have you ever wondered why many conservatives and Republicans are quick to label others "anti-American," "socialist," "communist," or "racist?"

Have you ever asked yourself why they wrap themselves in the flag and proclaim themselves to be "patriots," as if the rest of us don't qualify?

Have you thought it curious that while they are pounding their chests about how the United States is the greatest country in the world with the best system of government on the planet, they… Continue

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I live in a part of Virginia that did at one time get lots of snow. Now with the changing of times it has changed to where we get less than a ft a year. I am getting ready to go out the door and it is 34 degees and we have more than 6inches on snow on the ground. I look outside on the old Webber grill that has been sitting there for years and the stack is so high it is falling off the peak. I bought a new barn building last December and I think it has not been snowed on. I sit here and I wonder… Continue

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Willie Whitefeather on hope


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seeds of change


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Prepare for a Challenging Future

Complacency in America is coming to an end. Those who are complacent will not fare well through coming economic, cultural and political turmoil, as they will be forced to adapt and learn new skills. People who are adaptable, self-reliant and determined will find plenty of success in whatever follows our nation's upcoming changes.

You have more options than you may think. You are not stuck in any particular job or health status. You can change your circumstances by making new,… Continue

Added by OCNaturalDoc on July 27, 2009 at 2:31pm — 11 Comments

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