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Is It About YOUR Rights or and old fashion LYNCHING PARTY

Sorry folks but I do not think anyone of us has the right to carry a loaded weapon anywhere near a president. The president has not threatened to take anyones guns away, so saying you are carrying it because it is a right you STILL have implies you think you might not have it for long.

A riffle has a two mile range, and I don't think these gun toters were that far from the president. THIS IS SOME CRAZINESS. These same people will be the ones complaining when after some DOES get hurt or killed by accident or on purpose and there is an outcry to restrict guns, but of course they will blame it on Obama. Idiots.


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Comment by JMcAul on August 18, 2009 at 12:17pm
The man carrying the gun, legally and in a non-threatening manner in the picture is a black man. I don't think the attempt to pin the term lynching party on him applies. He came there peacefully, expressing his Constitutional right. I say more power to him!
Comment by Sarge! on August 18, 2009 at 11:49am
Grace I googled this and read the article. The individual who brought this weapon to the event no doubt was making a statement much like Obama's statement about "those who cling to religion and their guns." While no one in this administration is openly speaking about taking guns away, there certainly is an undercurrent that gives that impression. Make no mistake that liberal socialists have an agenda to take weapons away from the American public, as it stands in the way of what they really want to bring about. As a former cold war warrior I can attest to the fact that one of Russia's greatest fears in invading the US was the fact so many people owned weapons, that certainly says something about our "right" to keep and bear arms.

Let's look at the facts....I once served with Marine One and am fully cognizant of the steps the Secret Service takes to protect the President -any- President. The article stated the individual had the weapon in full view slung on their shoulder in a public area where the "law" allows it, it was away from where Obama appeared and he was not in any danger. The police and the Secret Service both were aware of and watched this individual. The Secret Service went on to say the person was not a distraction.

Your statement about the weapon's range may or may not be accurate. I am only aware of a specialized sniper rifle having an effective range of two miles and that only in the hands of a trained individual. Not to belittle the point, that the presense of this weapon was perhaps ill advised. But, what really happened? Nothing. Someone made their point about their right. Folks all over the southwest carry weapons openly, I have a friend in Georgia whose community police advised them to buy and keep a weapon in their home.

While the main stream media ballyhoo any tragic weapons act to their agenda, they never ever publish the many criminal situations defused by those who have weapons and use them without firing a shot to stop crimes. I have many friends and family in Texas and they affirm the many instances a gun stops a crime.

As a minority I take umbrage with your statement "old fashion lynching" as race baiting which this administration has employed in an effort to move forward it's liberal socialist agenda. No one was lynched there were no white sheets and the police were in control.

But perhaps you would prefer a fascist state? Then may I offer that if someone in that situation wanted to create an issue they could simply drive a car and plow through many thereby accomplishing the same thing.
Need proof? Read any news report about the lastest car bombing in Israel or Iraq and or any place else in the world. They don't need guns to accomplish their ends. Yet with all the guns in the ole USA we don't have any of those types of events do we? Hmmmm makes me wonder why....... :-)
Comment by Grace Linda on August 18, 2009 at 6:35am
someone removed a comment from here. HMMMMMMMMMMM



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