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Eerie, Threatening Skies at Daybreak

Still Storms Ahead To Weather

Still Storms Ahead To Weather...appropriate, I think, for what I am feeling right now.  Air pressure is plunging to the basement, although it is dawn, the skies are filled with a uniform dark gray
color, with this ominous, vague yellowish tint to it that leaves an
eerie feeling in the back of my mind...

The sudden and extreme change in weather is making me physically ill...I was in bed by 10 last night, fidgety and strangely "on edge", couldn't get comfortable and my supper wouldn't quite settle. I arose
about 3:30, and, as expected joints and muscles screamed at me to stay
in bed for a bit.  Can't have that...although Brie put out a bit of
extra food for our friends, I had to check to make sure all was well
with them, the cardinals were piping since about five; another ominous
sign, they normally show up a bit after sunrise.

I can smell it now...heavy and full of water and ozone, dead silent and the wind is unsettled and threatening to pick up the pace. I'm certain it will if I believe my barometric body...LOL! Off in the
distance, there are echoing reports of several dogs barking back and
forth, perhaps sharing their own uncertain feelings of the unusual
start to another day.

Our weather reports up here in New England are usually spot on...comes from a lot of lives that depend on them being honest and accurate.  Whether it's the six month winters or the Nor'easters,
icestorms or the occasional tornado and hurricane, we normally contend
with weather extremes quite well...all in stride.  If what we have
been told to expect comes true, there is no more to be afraid of this
day than any other...winds in the 60 MPH range, six inches of rain in
less than 20 hours (maybe up to ten...which, no matter where you live
would tend to cause some problems, I think!), almost certain power
loss; in rural areas maybe up to three or four days.  I'm mainly
concerned about people on the lake...our ten weeks of unrelenting
flooding this Spring has caused damage that cannot be stabilized or
repaired except by time and Nature...and six foot waves unleashed by
today's driving winds will assuredly finish the job or erasing
structures and land that was was begun in April.

The soulful moan of a train whistle brings me back to present time and space. I surely pray they are headed North to Montreal...actually, I'm surprised they are running at all! EVERYTHING south of us is
halted...airports abandoned, trains, subways, busses, still and empty;
their normal "cargo" hunkered down (at least the smart ones!) and just
living a piece of history.

Just another day, in truth, with a certain highlight to it all compliments of Mother Earth. We are prepared as we can be...it is not heartening that there are quite a few deaths already further down the
coast.  Let the show begin...I love this stuff. (Except the part
where my home backs up on an old-growth forest with some mighty tall


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Comment by d's girl on September 20, 2011 at 6:30am
I love this photograph. May I copy it/print it & frame it?
Comment by Merry on September 7, 2011 at 7:12pm
I absolutely love the balance of sweetness and salt in this photo. It captures life on the lake to a t. I think it's because of the use of perspective. I think this is my all time favorite one of your photos. It makes me feel as though I'm there and it's so true to the experience.
Comment by Daddieo on August 28, 2011 at 4:19am
Too funny...I JUST posted this and "it's here!" The rain has begun...all is still and silent outside except for a few birds finishing their breakfast.



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