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This is a macro of my old garden tote. Back when I first NEEDED a tote, even before my business started...an old, weather-beaten, leather satchel. You could find the tools of the
trade in here, trowels and string, cultivators and plant markers, seed
packets, tiny bottles of fertilizer granules, even a spray of insect
repellent and maybe a stray band-aid or two.
Things were grouped only by habit of placement within, it was waterproof only to the point
of me emptying it once a year and smoothing on water repellent with my
bare hands. An act of love for IT, and what it allowed me to do which I
also loved, a little easier. It was eventually replaced by a plastic
bucket with a nylon carrier with many pockets made out of nylon webbing
and everything tied up with velcro straps. It even had a built in
seat...not so, the satchel.
I miss the satchel...a lot. You could smell it in the heat and humidity...that warm leather aroma...it felt
good to touch, pliable and soft and weathered with use. Something else
IT had over the new crap...it was romantic, just like gardening on your
hands and knees instead of a plastic bucket seat.

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