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Weekly Bible Study – June 11, 2018; Study: The Doctrine of Imputations. Part 4.


This week’s Bible Study:

The Doctrine of Imputations. Part 4.…

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Over the weekend I was approached by one of the neighboring hotel to see if I would be interested in accepting a position. I told them I was always open to change, and I have been with the same chain for over 10 years, and the hotel has been sold in the last year. With new owners always comes change, some good, and some hard to understand. I get along well with the 3 guys that own the place and there was no meeting schedule until after christmas. (they do not live in this state) Today I drive… Continue

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My blog is removed from my page: invasion of privacy.

I think it is outrageous. Are all members treated this way or just me? I post my blog on my page and it is being removed for the second time. This is Invasion of privacy - intrusion into my personal life. I am not going to tolerate it. I want a clear explanation why I can not post my blog, that I personally wrote and have all rights to, why is it being removed. I want an answer.

Added by Alla on October 25, 2009 at 3:30pm — 13 Comments

Love Can Destroy

I was on Facebook, as I am just about everyday, and they have a way of suggesting a friend you should invite. I noticed a name came up, and it really caught my attention.(it usually is someone that one of your friends has listed as a friend) This time it was very different. It was a man that I had communicated with over 5 years ago as a friend. He and I were friends, and it had possibilities of heading in a romantic direction, but he met someone that he just loved and adored with all his heart.… Continue

Added by blondie 11 on August 23, 2009 at 9:42am — 6 Comments

You Can Do Everything Right and Sometimes, Things Still Go Wrong

You can eat right, exercise, meditate,pray, focus on positive thinking, know and use the Law of Attraction....and still life throws you right off the path thru no fault of your own. Sometimes life just is what it is.

When an illness strikes, I refuse to pile guilt on top of it by thinking I brought it on myself. My brother did all the right things, had a stroke and all the dr's could say was, it must be genetic.

If someone has a… Continue

Added by Maggie Mae on August 14, 2009 at 3:43pm — 2 Comments

The Swimming Pool Theory of Life

Someone dear to me mentioned my Friends Theory that I have posted on my profile. Another way I live I call the Swimming Pool Theory of Life.

When I was about five, a couple my parents knew bought land to build a house. A huge lot, because they knew they wanted a nice swimming pool. The Mrs insisted that they build the pool and the bath house first. She knew that if they built the house first, they might never get around to building the swimming pool OR the nice bath house she wanted,… Continue

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Happy 4th

Well, I've just had a shower and a shave and I have a few things to do I guess. Don't blame me, I mean it wasn't my idea, but I do, I have a few things to do - I don't know what they are yet but that's never stopped me before, so hey . . .

Ya. Oboy. So anywayz . . . as I was saying, I've just had my shower and a few thoughts came to me and I just wanted to share them with all of you. You don't mind do you? You don't? Well ok then, if you're sure, but you better BOLT IN just in case… Continue

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