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Someone dear to me mentioned my Friends Theory that I have posted on my profile. Another way I live I call the Swimming Pool Theory of Life.

When I was about five, a couple my parents knew bought land to build a house. A huge lot, because they knew they wanted a nice swimming pool. The Mrs insisted that they build the pool and the bath house first. She knew that if they built the house first, they might never get around to building the swimming pool OR the nice bath house she wanted, but that if they built the pool first, they would surely get around to the house.

They put in the pool and the VERY nice bath house first. They "visited" their pool regularly in the next couple of years while they were saving for and building the house. As a guest of this "swimming pool in the middle of nowhere," this made a huge impression on me.

When it came time for us to buy our first house, the real estate agent realized just before closing that the actual square footage of the house was smaller than advertised. She offered to void the deal and find us something else, or sign over her commission check to us. We took the money.

The only appliance the house didn't come with was a refrigerator. My husband had paced off the living room and knew it would fit a pool table, his lifelong dream. So we took the "found money" and bought the biggest, baddest fridge we could find. Then he balked at buying a pool table. We needed to replace the drapes, and a thousand other little things that make a house Your Home. I explained the Swimming Pool Theory of Life to him, and insisted that he buy his pool table right then.

Twenty-five years later, he still loves his pool table. Our children and all their friends have loved his pool table. I don't play pool, but it's been the best surface I ever had to lay out quilts and sewing projects.

Those original drapes still hang in the living room. Thanks to the Swimming Pool Theory of Life, no one even notices.

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Comment by Rhiannnonn on August 10, 2009 at 9:58pm
That is great!!!
Comment by Dazzling Zoomer Gal Diana on August 9, 2009 at 12:53pm
What a marvelous story Quilty, so well written and such a lovely life lesson. Thank you for sharing this with us!



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