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The Republican National Committee is out with a 100-page analysis of how the party can revive its sagging fortunes. Doubtless many of the recommendations are good ones -- more outreach to minority and women voters, better candidate recruitment, fewer debates during the primaries, openness to immigration reform, competing with Democrats in absentee and early voting and much more...


Is that why they lost so bad in 2012?

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Remember it is the voting that counts and that in the 2012 election it was 51% Obama, 47% Romney with the Senate +2 Democrat and the House +8 Democrat.  And no, not a landslide nor a mandate.  This is compared to 2008 it was 53% Obama and 46% McCain with the +8 Democrat and the House +21 Democrat.   Of course, some of the difference is due to voter participation rate which was ~62% in 2008, one of the highest rates ever, while it was ~58% in 2012 whereas the most recent lowest rate was in the Clinton-Dole-Perot election of 49% in 1996.

So, what is the lesson?....

Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing

In a Presidential Election I would disagree that 4% is not a landslide.

they are right about one thing...less debates would have helped their candidates...but then again so would ducktape over their mouths, a bag over their heads and keeping them locked up in an isolated cabin for a few months prior to the election so the voters wouldn't realize how fucking bigoted, stupid and ignorant they really are...

But the debates were such good television. Who could ever forget the zingers like Peery's three departments he would close but could only remember two, or the comedy routines of Michelle Bachman even if she didn't mean to be funny. I would miss things like that.

it actually brings to mind Pat Paulson when he was running for President...but he actually intended it to be funny....

Pre CPAC, CPAC and now they havent changed policys so they just keep floundering. Rabid conservitives, Tea Party Republicans, and The Religious Right just keep saying stupid shit, they do not want to truly change they just want to win. Almost everytime Ryan,Pallin,Cruz,etc. speak I cant help but luagh.

They are so transparent and condesending in gruond games that throw money into uotreach programs to the African American comunity. Do they actualy think that they can win over the black voters by fake inclusion and photo ops after insulting them to the core for decades?

Repubican infighting reguarding  moderateing (or not) policys on imigratoin are there plan to court the Latino vote?

The republicans pretence of sorta-kinda mellowing on LGBT marriage has the Tea Party thretening to bale uot, and take their money with them. http://www.ruthinstitute.org/

The Republicans just do not get it that their SOCIAL POLICYS are a huge reason that they lost the presidential and do not have the support of most Americans now. Latinos, blacks, and gays are not stupid, we see how phony thier pretence of "moderating" policys are. If in the muddled republican phonyness they let some advantagious bills pass good deal. Do they think that we have a short memory abuot them doing everything in their power to stand in uor way for decades...not likely.


 Any policy they change will lose a good percentage of their base.   

I thought the last few elections were refreshing, most of their extremist factions came out of their closets.  I'm afraid, however, all they will be really changing is going back to their previous policy of nod, nod; wink, wink.

As a topic, probably the issue of flagellation should have been left to the cardinals in their recent election.  But, that aside, as to what the status of parties are in the country, is that they do not represent, nor are inclusive of all the constituencies in population.  What they do represent are the entrenched political constituencies as represented by the actual elected officials, political professionals, lobbyists and those that give them or otherwise provided support such as the media. 

Overall, we are a divided country, be it the progressive left or the conservative right, and each sees victory within their grasps, kinda, or indeed, some of it just wishful thinking shifted around by events.  And, we as a country, still lack consensus leadership.  The reason we don't have consensus is there is no political gain by agreeing on anything, rather, it is better to gin up constituencies. rise humongous amounts of funds from those that have the money and motivation to donate and get periodic media attention, even if it only means a standup in halls of the Capitol.

As to the Republican reboot, of course elections have consequences, but they are not necessary lessons, what they are, are revised game plans for the next audition for the political equivalent of American Idol.....pitchy, dawg. 

 I don't think so ex...

The current polls, the last election, demonstrate what the people want and it is not what GOP elected officials, political professionals, lobbyists and those that give them or otherwise provided support such as the media are trying/shoving down our throats.  If any of them did, they would then be a Democrat.

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