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Do you own a Gun if so what kind ?

f so do you keep it close by in case you need to use it ?

You ever go to a Gun Range to Practice ?

Do you plan on Buying a Gun if you don't own one ?

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But if you add all the people killed with those objects together they would not come close to the number killed by people with guns. I am not anti gun by the way just anti murder.
Can you believe they've actually stopped selling pressure-cookers in some stores? I guess Granny had better find another way to make her apricot preserves.

I got one in my Closet . Got it for a dollar at the Christian Ministries store ..

There is a skeet shooting place near my house.  I want to learn to shoot a a rifle and do something like shoot skeet.  I like the BOOM from a gun.

I do NOT own a gun, but if I did, I would shoot SKEET,not people.

Crazy people kill people with whatever is handy.

yeah i agree cresty .. crazy people will kill you with a knife a gun a bat , whatever is handy .. and people with guns kill people too .. but guns by themselves don't kill anybody .. which is why we should all practice gun safety .. 

Skeets are hard to cook up properly though.  ;-)  Sheet shooting uses a shorter barrel open choke shotgun with fairly light loads with number 8 or 9 shot.  Trap shooting tends toward a longer barrel with full or modified choke and a little heavier load with number 7 1/2 or 8 shot or so. And like all things be it metal detecting, scuba diving, golfing, etc. the more one gets into it the more it costs.

I really like you, Cresty!

No, I've never had one or wanted one. I feel safe and happy.

I, personally, do not own a gun. My son, whose house I live in, however, owns a few. He has recently bought a handgun 9 mm) that he bought with me in mind. They are all legal and licensed, and he has a concealed carry permit, although he never carries one. He is a retired Marine, so he knows guns. We live on the backside of Quantico, and they have a shooting range for members that he will have me practice on this fall. I will apply for a license when I get back home. He and his wife do a lot of traveling, and I am home alone a lot. We live in a nice neighborhood, but we are very near Washington, DC, and, unfortunately, our nation's capital isn't the safest city in the country. A couple of years ago, we had a rash of home invasions that targeted senior women.....in broad daylight. All the bigger weapons my son owns are locked away in his gun safe. But I will be keeping mine where I can lay hands on it if necessary. I hope and pray I never have to use it.....but I won't hesitate if my life is threatened.....or my son's property.

Well, having a gun and living as close as I do to other houses is not a good idea so I got a Green Beret and a slingshot instead. There's a special kind of bullet and I don't know the name of it but it won't go through walls as easily as other bullets. If I did own a major firearm as a way to defend my home then that's what I would use. Also I would try to direct the shot down into the ground and not towards other houses. Having had a break in a few years ago, I would hope I'd be able to shoot the lower extremities of an intruder.

if that's what you want to do, your best bet is to utilize a shotgun. the shot will spread and you don't have to be accurate. at the same time, any shot that misses the target dissipates the velocity rather rapidly and won't penetrate the  homes of your neighbors. the odds of shooting the lower extremities are slight with a pistol or a rifle. that's why police and the military are taught to aim for the center of the body mass

My late husband had a conceal and carry permit and he had those kind of bullets and told me about them. Plus he told me to aim low cause a firearm kicks. Neither here nor there without a gun. Many years ago , I did see a nice Baretta that I liked.



 As for an intruder , I already made up my mind not to play nice. You don't know if they have AIDS or not. The first husband was a Marine Corp hand to hand instructor and it was like living with Kato. (That got old.) I have considered using a fire extinguisher or pulling a fire alarm in a bad situation. Setting off a car alarm or getting a blow horn of canned sound. That would put a crimp in an intruder's style and alert the neighbors at the same time.




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