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So far so good for our wonderful TeeBubbaDee!!!!!!

The bulk of the surgery is over and they're sewing him up as I type. He's done well. Reports are all good--looks like Tee's getting the outcome he'd hoped for--but we'll leave that to him to tell in detail later.

It'll probably be several hours before he's in recovery and awake. I'll post again when I hear that good news.

GO TEE!!!!


TeeBubbaDee is out of surgery, out of recovery, and in his room! He even said "LOVE!" in response to Dyslexic Dodger telling him we'd all been pulling for him. What a remarkable guy Tee is!!!! (And DeeBubbaTee is amazing as well!)

Everything went better than expected and Tee got his miracle, but I'm sure he'll tell everyone about that when he's up to it. Lymph nodes were biopsied and there's no lingering sign of cancer.

So, everybody can heave a big sigh of relief!

Thanks to everyone who has prayed or otherwise sent good energy to TeeBubba. Keep it coming.

Dyslexic Dodger or I will post as news becomes available about his recovery. 


DD just sent me a Bubba update note posted by DeeBubbaTee on Facebook. Here's a portion of it:

TeeBubba's "been up in a chair so far today. He says that he feels like he was shot in the belly....but the pain is to be expected. He's got a pain pump he can push, so pain is well controlled." And she said that "He sends his love to all of you."

Ain't that just like Bubba?!

More updates as they are posted...

More GREAT news. This from DeeBubba:

Drs. were all in earlier, said all is fine. Tee walked around nurses station 3 times with a walker. Sleeping now. He might get some food tomorrow. So far so good!

Way to go, Bubba!!!!

Sunday Bubba update from DeeBubbaTee:

Tough night last night...no sleep for Tee. He finally slept in the morning. Up in chair and walked again today. Had a clear liquid lunch.....no beer. :>) Sleeping now. Doing better each day. Love to all

More wonderful news from Dee. Bubba is improving surprisingly quickly. He's already managed all the required bodily functions :>) and there are rumors that he may be going home soon, which is amazing considering the length of time he was told he'd probably be in the hospital.


More from beautiful Dee:

They started him on real food this morning. We'll see how he tolerates it. Sleeping right now. Starting to complain about everything. This is to all the ladies out there... you can always tell when a man is feeling better when he stops whining and starts bitching. Ya gotta love em. I'm just so thankful he's recovering....I wasn't ready to lose the love of my life 

Here's the best news of all and a testament to how strong and committed to healing TeeBub is. It's the last update I need to post--looks like Bubba will be doing that himself fairly shortly. Hooray!

Great news...he's home. Got discharged around 4:45pm, 9/11. Tired but happy. Resting now but I'm sure he'll take back his facebook page and start chatting in the next few days. Once again, can't begin to tell you how much the love and support meant to us. You're all just wonderful


He droped me a line on FB today.

Way to go Teebub. I knew you would be okay. You keep a man from Cumberland Furnace down. I have had a bit of bladder too. Nothing close to yours but still uncomfortable.

Excellent news... I just didn't want to comment until Tee was home.

Home and happy and stiff and sore!! 




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