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What comes after the initial YES WE CAN slogan? Looking for the unspoken follow up to this phrase, both positive and negative. Call it the fill in the blank game. Here are some examples:

YES WE CAN...say one thing and do another.
YES WE CAN...vote to raise everyone's taxes and not pay our own.
YES WE CAN...fan the flames of racism rather than judge people by the content of their character.
YES WE CAN...screw things up just as much as the Republicans, but in a different way.
YES WE CAN...what?

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Nope. Not playing devil's advocate. I keep saying over and over and over what I believe. Not trying to convince anyone else to believe (although everyone keeps insisting that my "opinion" is WRONG and I'm a bad, bad person for feeling the way I do.)

I know there's a lot of poor people out there. Why do they keep having kids and making more poor people? I wouldn't. In the same way that I've never gone out and gotten myself saddled with a huge car payment or bought more house than I can afford. I've always spent my money very conservatively - and a good thing, too, since I had to live off my savings (now gone) for the last three years of sporadic under-employment.

You'll notice that Obama never talks about "wealth creation" which would help the poor rise above their circumstances. He speaks of "levelling the playing field". I think he wants EVERYONE to suffer.
Our taxes went down. You must make alot of $$. Good for you.
Ah-ha! I knew it. I knew people were out thinking "Wow...just another wealthy guy that can't relate to common people." Wrong.

I lost my $60K a year job three years ago. Since then I have been working mostly temp jobs in the $10-12 per hour range. I've burned through my entire savings. Nothing left. I had no insurance for awhile. I just got back to work on June 1st and now make $35K per year - to support two adults. I bring home $2,200 per month - which is about $200 short of being able to pay my basic bills. If I lose this job, I will again have no insurance.

The point of all this is, I don't oppose this health care stuff because I'm above it all and can't relate. I oppose it because I think it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I think the ones promoting it are not telling the whole truth and eventually nobody will have adequate care. Also, I don't vote based on my own selfish and personal needs. I consider the common good.
That really won't help the deficit now will it. Wylde, when I said above that you must make alot of $$, I was just being a little bit naughty. Too bad you couldn't hear the sound of my voice. lol I knew your story from reading something earlier.
The answer to the original question?
Then why wouldn't I "really want to know the answer"? I'm confused. This is an open discussion. All opinions are welcome. Feel free to post anything you like. The more information we all have, the more opinions we're all exposed to, the better off we all are. Everyone has something to contribute.
You just pretty much don't trust anybody do you. Not even yourself. That must be a awful way to live.
Not at all. I trust myself just fine. I also trust lots of people in my personal life who have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

I'm not sure why anyone would trust politicians. My whole life, I've seen politician after politician be exposed for lying, cheating, avoiding taxes, etc. It's in the news every single day. Not just one party or the other - they all do it. And they never come forward of their own free will, they only come forward and "admit" their sins when they are caught.

Maybe I'm too judgmental. Maybe I should just look the other way. Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of honesty and integrity than those concepts deserve. But, even if I am, I sleep easy at night because I always try to do the right thing. (Maybe my perception of "the right thing" is wrong - but, I try. Just like I know that people who support this health care thing believe that it is "the right thing". I really do understand that people's intentions are good.)
Or maybe you should do a little math and figure the actual percentage of politicians who have done the things you speak of. I think you would find it to be rather small compared to the ones you never hear such things about.
It is good to know that you do believe those of us who support health insurance reform are trying to do the right thing.
I've never said anything to indicate that the citizens who support this "health care reform" didn't have good intentions.

Please remember, I'm the evil, unintelligent bad guy here because I have a different opinion than the majority of folks who are responding to this thread.

I suggest that I be burned in effigy.
YES WE CAN all live in peace and harmony !! but no there wont me any drama anymore ;-)
YES WE CAN...paint each other as ignorant or bad for holding dissimilar opinions.




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