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What comes after the initial YES WE CAN slogan? Looking for the unspoken follow up to this phrase, both positive and negative. Call it the fill in the blank game. Here are some examples:

YES WE CAN...say one thing and do another.
YES WE CAN...vote to raise everyone's taxes and not pay our own.
YES WE CAN...fan the flames of racism rather than judge people by the content of their character.
YES WE CAN...screw things up just as much as the Republicans, but in a different way.
YES WE CAN...what?

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The health care thing could turn into mess but messes can be fixed. I'm going to wait on the cash for clunkers thing,to see if it benefitsAuto Makers and their Suppliers. I'm still out on that one. Alot of people can't do for themselves. All are not as self-sufficient as we all would like them to be. Some just can't be self-sufficient, period. Most of these people are already on Medicare, etc, so I really can't count them in our discussion. You may be right on the cap & trade thing, I need to look into it more.
YES WE CAN...cut taxes so people can afford to pay for their own health care rather than raising taxes and exerting even more government control over people's lives.
Without change and or regulations you can cut people's taxes to the nub, but if you have a pre-existing condition and the companies say no then you won't get insured.

Dear it about much more than people buying their own insurance. But you obviously aren't hearing that.
Actually Grace Linda, the problem here is that you believe the politicians when they say that they won't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions the way the private insuance companies do. I don't believe them. I think they will eventually deny even more pre-existing conditions than are currently being denied. I also believe that they will deny coverage based on "lifestyle choices". If you are above and beyond the ideal body mass index, they'll say that you brought on your diabetes yourself, so you can just stuff it.

It's not that I don't think the IDEA of everyone having coverage is good. I do. It's that I've learned over my lifetime that ALL politicians lie and spin the facts to suit their own agendas. Republicans, Democrats - there is no difference in my book. And any politician who tries to tell me that the government is going to do something cheaper and more efficiently than private industry immediately turns me off because history has proven over and over again that government is the most wasteful, inneficien "industry" of all.
I hope devil's advocate.
Nope. Not playing devil's advocate. I keep saying over and over and over what I believe. Not trying to convince anyone else to believe (although everyone keeps insisting that my "opinion" is WRONG and I'm a bad, bad person for feeling the way I do.)

I know there's a lot of poor people out there. Why do they keep having kids and making more poor people? I wouldn't. In the same way that I've never gone out and gotten myself saddled with a huge car payment or bought more house than I can afford. I've always spent my money very conservatively - and a good thing, too, since I had to live off my savings (now gone) for the last three years of sporadic under-employment.

You'll notice that Obama never talks about "wealth creation" which would help the poor rise above their circumstances. He speaks of "levelling the playing field". I think he wants EVERYONE to suffer.
Our taxes went down. You must make alot of $$. Good for you.
Ah-ha! I knew it. I knew people were out thinking "Wow...just another wealthy guy that can't relate to common people." Wrong.

I lost my $60K a year job three years ago. Since then I have been working mostly temp jobs in the $10-12 per hour range. I've burned through my entire savings. Nothing left. I had no insurance for awhile. I just got back to work on June 1st and now make $35K per year - to support two adults. I bring home $2,200 per month - which is about $200 short of being able to pay my basic bills. If I lose this job, I will again have no insurance.

The point of all this is, I don't oppose this health care stuff because I'm above it all and can't relate. I oppose it because I think it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I think the ones promoting it are not telling the whole truth and eventually nobody will have adequate care. Also, I don't vote based on my own selfish and personal needs. I consider the common good.
That really won't help the deficit now will it. Wylde, when I said above that you must make alot of $$, I was just being a little bit naughty. Too bad you couldn't hear the sound of my voice. lol I knew your story from reading something earlier.
The answer to the original question?
Then why wouldn't I "really want to know the answer"? I'm confused. This is an open discussion. All opinions are welcome. Feel free to post anything you like. The more information we all have, the more opinions we're all exposed to, the better off we all are. Everyone has something to contribute.
You just pretty much don't trust anybody do you. Not even yourself. That must be a awful way to live.




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