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What comes after the initial YES WE CAN slogan? Looking for the unspoken follow up to this phrase, both positive and negative. Call it the fill in the blank game. Here are some examples:

YES WE CAN...say one thing and do another.
YES WE CAN...vote to raise everyone's taxes and not pay our own.
YES WE CAN...fan the flames of racism rather than judge people by the content of their character.
YES WE CAN...screw things up just as much as the Republicans, but in a different way.
YES WE CAN...what?

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I believe that health care in this country costs more than it should, that the outcomes are not what they could be, that some regulation of the insurance companies is absolutely necessary, that I public option is a viable alternative, that not all politicians are crooks, some politicians are crooks, some people will believe anything right wing radio people tell them, that the same people raving about cost now did not ask about cost when they were ramping up to the Iraq war and that as long as this country can't involve itself in civil debate things won't get better.
Does that answer your question?
Wylde said "How do you keep costs down? By DENYING treatment."

That's exactly what the Insurance Companies have been doing for too many years. With public option, there are many ways to save $. Look into it a little further, Wylde, and I think it will surprise you. For a start, think overhead. Multi million $ yearly payments to Ins. executives for one. I'm sure you'll discover alot more.
Treatments cost money. When you deny treatments it saves money. Got it? Sounds pretty simple to me. Not sure why you're pretending not to understand this concept.
My point exactly!! Thank you, that's exactly what my insurance co did to me!!

Remember, Soooooooooooo Many people Would GET Insurance, but can't because of pre-existing conditions, which thanks to my INSURANCE CO. I am one!!
Wow, I'm so excited I can't stand it! How are the republicans gonna twist this around when sooooooooooo many more people are in my position!!
They'll cut waste not treatments. If you go to you're internist and he says you need an MRI and then he sends you to 5 different specialists and they each want to give you an MRI, with the new computerized system in place, they'd actually use the 1 MRI that you originally had. Savings. No one is talking about denying treatment. This scenario happened to me about 4 yrs ago. If I hadn't talked up and said "Wait a minute, I just had an MRI a couple of months ago", I would have stupidly gone and had another. Many people don't realize that and do have duplicate tests done when it's not necessary. One of the specialists had my original Doc fax him the report, and 5 min. later, I was walking out of his office with a clean bill of health instead of waiting for appt. for MRI test, and then waiting another 2 weeks for results.
Yes we can do better.
kudos kittycat
Absolutely agree, here. We can do better. Too bad Obama is making it worse instead of better.
How so? Elaborate.
Well...I think this health care thing sounds like a disaster in the making. I think the cash for clunkers is a waste of money. I think he is fanning the flames of racism rather putting that fire out. I think he is sending the message that people can't do for themselves, they must have an all powerful government take care of them. I think the cap and trade idea will make a lot of well-connected people a whole boatload of money, at the expense of my standard of living when my power bills and taxes go through the roof.

There are a few examples for you. I'm sure you don't agree with them. Which is good and normal. It would be pretty darn boring if we all agreed about everything, wouldn't it?




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