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What comes after the initial YES WE CAN slogan? Looking for the unspoken follow up to this phrase, both positive and negative. Call it the fill in the blank game. Here are some examples:

YES WE CAN...say one thing and do another.
YES WE CAN...vote to raise everyone's taxes and not pay our own.
YES WE CAN...fan the flames of racism rather than judge people by the content of their character.
YES WE CAN...screw things up just as much as the Republicans, but in a different way.
YES WE CAN...what?

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YES WE CAN---screw you over and spend your gandchildrens money
YES WE CAN---have two different coutries where I was born----god, we are stupid
Somebody has way too much time on his/her hands.
I guess anyone that responds to anything on TBD has way too much time on their hands... :-)
watch for my proposal, coming soon.


SeaRain - how did you find this? I wasn't tagged in it - how did you recognize me?!?
I laughed, I cried. Hilarious!
YES WE CAN....complain about what is being done but offer no concrete solutions or alternatives, just say no
YES WE CAN...do nothing but critasize anyone who spoke out against it while cheering us into an unnecessary war without ever asking what it would cost and saying nothing when the cost was keep "off the books."
Great Message PA. Keep up the heat until every person has Health Care.
I would add---Yes We Can....Go backwards and sit on our hands and whine about doing something good---something more than nothing. Yes We Can...Try and blame a new administration for the faults of the past, although he hasn't even been in the office a year and suddenly he is responsible for everything that has gone bad. Yes We Can...Pretend that Hawaii is not part of the United States, because we are mindless idiots. Yes We Can...Forget that being born to an American some how makes you less of an American, even if they were born in another country and some how your mother gave up her rights to being an American, because she married someone from another country. Yes We Can...Pretend to be stupid, although it will not help America. Yes We Can...Pretend that the lives sacrificed for a war that should not have happened were some how the fault of another and some how did not affect our country by the billions of dollars that were not only wasted but in many cases misused, stolen, lost and certainly for the most part cannot even be tracked, traced, or even found. Yes We Can...Put our heads in the sand and forget that it was our children---my child that went to war without the proper equipment and nearly died and came home injured, and scarred. Yes We Can---Make sure it does not happen again.
Yes we can believe there is a better tomorrow.
Bless yob, TBub - I've always loved your spirit and your attitude. We all love the energy of a new start, don't we? A new day, a new horizon, the retirement of the tiresome mossbacks who date themselves by living like it's 1952?
I knew 1952, and 1952 is no 2009, you can be sure. And it's a good thing too.




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