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As I travel the country, working hard to keep up with my friends and failing miserably, I am also talking with alot of people. Time magazine's cover story was about making schools full time. I have always been a strong proponent of this, but as I speak with people, I find very stron opposition Can we talk about this?

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This would work if they set it up right.
Teachers (in our state) do not get paid for the three month’s off during the summer.
They only get paid for Christmas break and part of spring break.
I don’t think teachers will work in a place that only gives about two weeks vacation a year.
During hunting season and summer vacations, the parents take their kids out of school, class or no class.
I spent most of my life in schools and have a doctorate in the area. I have read and heard it all over the years. In my personal opinion children need time to be children. When I was a child summer was a time of freedom and exploration. I truly believe I learned more that helps me live my life during summer vacations than I did in the classroom.
Also children need time to rest their brains and so do adults. If everybody got more time off we would be a better nation.
I enjoy school. I have been attending some type of training most of my life. But when I think back to the elementry and high school years. I think I learned more about how to enjoy life during those summer vacations. I agree with PA, Kids need time to be kids.




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