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On the Aug. 5, 6, & 7 A Moosee's Crossing Meetup was held near Pittsburgh, PA.

A great time was had by the attendees.  The Group is open to anyone who wants to join.

I met four tbd members face to face for the first time. These were 1 Great Lady, Stillgoing, belle, and LJ. 

Here are some pictures.  


Sleeping Beauty

RRC, & Cat. LJ in background and Debi's back.

Debi and Goldilocks giving instructions on how to sleep on a blanket.




Moosee and Debi Abel

More pics will follow.

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Not to worry KC, if we make the trip, you guys are at the top of the list. (OK, I'll probably have to see my mom first)
Wellll... Okay... Moms do come 1st!!! :)
awwwwwwwwww I know we'll have a party in my backyard three years from now when it's all together. I'll plant a cornfield just like they had on hee haw and we can do a Saloot.. Thank you guys for being here, you've made my day.
That's what TBD is all about Merry, being here for each other.
You always make me smile, TBub!!! :)
Just doing my job.
B A F, I'd give you a wink, but I don't have that kind of muscle control.

Great pics, Robbie - tx for sharing them! I'm honored to be one of the 63 TBDers that you've met. Sorry we had to cancel our plans for this Meetup. I do have a credit w/the airline for the cancelled flight, so I'm hoping to use it for another TBD Meetup w/in the next year. There's stirring's about having one in FL in February to celebrate the TeeBub's birthday.

Anybody game? '-)

Just me.


As I said. I plan to be flexable this winter.

I am sorry that you guys had to cancel I was looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Katidid.

That's cool with me Robbie, unless you want to pick me up and take me to Key West before the meet.




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