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Tomorrow is the day. Wow!!! back in the 80's when working for a defense contractor was fun. Lots of parties. The biggist was always St. Patty's Day. Luckly I worked for a VP who loved to party. St. Patricks day was usually spent by many employees in an Irish bar that was owned by a former CIA guy who Liked to drink and party.  I've kind of slowed down as has the entire US population. Partying when you are susposed to be working is now frowned upon.  We Americans seem to have lost our ability to have fun.  Let's party tomorrow.  

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I'll have green eggs and ham.

Irish hooligans explained.....


I am waiting until at least lunch time for any beer at all. After that someone may need to check to make sure I get home.
George and I wore green today, but we didn't have green beer, LOL!  We stopped at the Dairy Queen for lunch and mini-Blizzards, that was our celebration.  :-)




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