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It's Friday.

Chucks is gone and so is his Q&A Group. As JayLee feared so are the Vibes. Since there is no Question and answer group there appears to be no check in.


So Let's do it over here. It's the start of the weekend! Time to have fun.


There is all kinds of bad news.

1. Looks like tbd is splintering.

2. After two days the TBD Stalwarts has only 7 members.

3. The Stock Market tanked yesterday.

4. The end of the world is near.

5. The Zombies are still here


Everybody check in and give me some good news.


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Wish I could give you a real hug....


Oh, DD, I am sooo sorry on all counts. 

I've had a broken foot & it sucks.

(((((((great big, warm, loving, hug))))))

& lots of well wishes to go with it.

I am here.

it is kentucky Oaks day ! Tomorrow is the derby.

One of my High Shool Clasmates is the mother of Jon Court. Jon is riding Archarcharch in the Derby. they will be in gate # 1.  He does have a good chance of winning.
Just how well did you know Jon's mother? Could it be that Jon.................never mind, just wondering out loud.

Aracharcharch  does  have a good  chance. He has a bad  post postion, but  he is a come from behinder and  can save ground.

I also like Nehro, and Dialed In. 

looks like it  might rain in Louisville, so  look at the Daily racing form to see what horse has performed well in the slop.

i am getting off work  ealry to watch the  race.

Also going in early.

beautiful  video Goldilocks. Thanks for  posting it.
You're welcome, Beth.  :-)

Beth, Archarcharch drew the dreaded #1 post, but since he is a come from behind horse it isn't as bad as if he were an early runner.

the other thing against them is that this is Jon Courts first Kentucky Derby, So he is bound to have the butterflies. However, he is 50 years old, with about 30 years experience in some of the toughest circuits, so he ought to be able to maintain his cool.

I used to go to a lot of races in Ruidoso, NM,  Sunland Park, NM, Monmouth Park, NJ and Charlestown, WV, but haven't been to a race in probably 20 years. So, I am probably not the tipster you want to listen too. (:>) 

Larry, jockeys have to be small of stature so that would rule out any relationship. (:>)

I'm here.

Kentucky Derby Day!

Don't know who my pick is...guess I'll go with Todd Pletchers horse cause I've met him.

Maybe I'll put a few dollars on Dialed In since he's the favorite.

Not as excited by the Derby this year as I have been in years past...




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