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I took a trip recently and came across at least 75 pets dead by the side of the road. Aside from the causes and care that contributed to their ending up this way, what, if anything, do rural people do about fluffy or fido lying mangled in a heap not four feet from the driveway?

Vultures? (Highway cafe)

Call the rendering truck?

Bury them yourselves?

Let them rot?

What's the consensus?

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I really want to try the blood stew with chitlins.
Try it. It is yummy even if it feels a wee bit cannibalistic.

dinuguan (to be eaten only with white rice...my mouth is watering)

It looks sounds and looks like something that I would enjoy.
With fresh hot pepper, even better.
Gotta find me a recipe. Cause I'll dadgum sure never find it on a menu around here.

Ok I found a recipe....I can get the ingredients easy enough, with the possible exception of a cup of fresh pigs blood. What the heck, I've been meaning to get out a kill a hog anyway.
go to South Carolina for the best---yum
South Carolina??? What the hell would they know about pig blood stew in South Carolina? They only eat chitlins and collard greens.
How do you teach your cats to be afraid of the highway?
Are your cats inside cats that you allow out or permanently outside cats? I think you're talented in getting your cats to behave like this. Mostly the cats I've seen will behave until they're on their own, then they do whatever they want.

That's pretty cool.
Time and patience seems to be the key. I lived with some Somali cats for a while and absolutely loved them. I don't have pets, so I enjoy everyone elses pets. I like to call the ravens and elk my "pets."
I don't do anything, they don't last long around here. Coyotes, possums, crows, buzzards and various other varmints pick their bones pretty quick. Somebody dumped a whole wild hog out a week or so ago, lasted about 2 days.
If there's an oppossum or raccoon or rabbit lying on the road in front of my house, I'll kick it into the ditch. Fortunately, I've never seen a neighbor's pet lying on the road. Of course, if I did, I would notify the neighbor.
Vernon,I'm really surprised thatyou saw that many dead pets.I am on the road all the time and I rarely see dead pets. I see lots of roadkill but it mostly is wild animals. I have had pets killed by cars. When in a rural area I bury them.When in an urban area I usually take them to a vet to dispose of them. What area of the country were you in?
I see a squirrel once in a while and smell a skunk--but nothing more. Where are you traveling?




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