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Really, folks.... The weather is either hot as hell or cold as hell. Pure Hell. Many
 people are losing their jobs, homes, life savings. The competition just to get in the
 elevator makes running for President look like fun. The GW Bridge, The Holland Tunnel,
 etc cost $8 bucks to get across. (Lake Ponchetrain causeway is $3, a much, much longer

 Most everyone,   will say they trust others little, if at all. Oh, we make a show of
 it, but with people peering in your garage and complaining to the point that the
 teenagers are peeing in their cars....The cynicism, the cynicism, the cynicism cynicism
 cynicism cynicism, can be overwhelming.

Ever drive in NJ or CT? It's easier to drive in Pakistan. Every time I turn around
there's a new law or a new camera enforcing that law. Why, why, do we live here? The
cancer rate in NY, NJ, the quacks that call themselves MD's....? Aw, the hell with all
of it.

The friendliness of Southerners is so moving. The housing is cheaper. And if you cant
find a job in the hurricane ravaged gulf area, well, we call that D-I-S-A-B-I-L-T-Y. Its
a joy to think it might be possible to let your guard down, even for a disillusioned
moment. (Well, men change there minds all over the world....)

The traffic? I remember traveling 1.5 hours each way to work, in 90 mph hour traffic,
bumper to bumper, twice a day, every day. (The Meritt Pkway). I remember sitting on the
same road for 6 hours in a snow storm....and the BASTARD I worked for....

Ok, Tom has a job and he makes 6 figures. But he hates it! And the cost of living, the
property taxes ($8000-9000/yr, here) are hardly worth the corrupt school administrations
they keep in BMW's.

The leaves change color. Good. You can download that off the internet. LaGuardia Airport
is sheer terror to fly in/out...god only knows how long it'll take to drive to JFK
(traffic) and Newark, well, that place holds a special place in the heart of all New

Ok..no hurricanes, real ones anyway, but Noreasters that cause the damage other people
 get 'aid' for. Then theres the snow storms, which are particularily delightful, esp
 those heavy, slushy 12-24 inch ones that freeze over for the next two months.

Whats my best guess? Why do we do it? My guess: ignorance, speculation and HOPE. Lots
and lots of HOPE.

Mother (losing her) Sanity

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Felicia, I've been in most of the US and can assure you that I have seen no place that meets all of your requirements. Weatherwise, some areas of Cal. come close to meeting the outlined criteria. However since that is what most of us think would be ideal weather, you will have to put up with intolerable traffic, and the crazies on the corner. I have spent no time, other than going through customs at the airport, in Hawaii so can't speak to it. I think that stateside the best you could do would be live in different places at different times of the year. Maybe Santa Fe, or North of Santa Fe, New Mexico in Summer and Key West in Winter.
Drop what you're doing and RUSH TO HAWAII immedietly. You can even go wild boar hunting, although it seems I've been doing that here my whole life!
I went wild boar hunting during the year I spent in the mountians of Turkey. Believe me, that does very little to make up for other deficiencies.
in turkey, sure. On hawaii, it onlty enhances the wilderness of the place. (kauai)
Guess I will just hang out in Kansas...I will take the cold weather any day over the 110 degree heat that will be here soon enough.
Plus it takes me 2 minutes to get to work.
I'm afraid of Kansas. First there was that Dorthy/Toto incident, AND THEN I HEAR theres no vodka...its a dry state. Please say its not true! Mother Sanity.
weather wise, and scenery wise, I would not rate Kansas very high on my desired places to be. Having spent a Month at Ft. Riley and having driven across the state a number of times, I would wonder why anyone would want live there. Well, I guess if you grew up there it would always seem like home. Maybe if you owed a few hundred of the oil wells, or the acreage that has the wind farms, or a million acre cattle ranch you might like it.

Sorry, RRC, don't mean to diss your state. It just doesn't seem like my idea of paridise.
NJ has the best pizza, and boardwalk in Seaside is cool. Monmouth Park is a beautiful
racetrack, lots of Diners open 24 hours a day, no earthquakes, tornadoes, doesn't snow that much.
Sure some things suck here, ( taxes, potholes, traffic, CAR INSURANCE,) but I am sure there are much worser places to live.

I liked Northern Va., MD. & Pa. the best.
Come back to PA Beth, your boss isn't here.
I really like Northern VA. But it's just too damn expensive. I'm starting to like the Houston area and It's inexpensive.
sounds good to me.
Listen to the attached song. its funny.




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