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Really, folks.... The weather is either hot as hell or cold as hell. Pure Hell. Many
 people are losing their jobs, homes, life savings. The competition just to get in the
 elevator makes running for President look like fun. The GW Bridge, The Holland Tunnel,
 etc cost $8 bucks to get across. (Lake Ponchetrain causeway is $3, a much, much longer

 Most everyone,   will say they trust others little, if at all. Oh, we make a show of
 it, but with people peering in your garage and complaining to the point that the
 teenagers are peeing in their cars....The cynicism, the cynicism, the cynicism cynicism
 cynicism cynicism, can be overwhelming.

Ever drive in NJ or CT? It's easier to drive in Pakistan. Every time I turn around
there's a new law or a new camera enforcing that law. Why, why, do we live here? The
cancer rate in NY, NJ, the quacks that call themselves MD's....? Aw, the hell with all
of it.

The friendliness of Southerners is so moving. The housing is cheaper. And if you cant
find a job in the hurricane ravaged gulf area, well, we call that D-I-S-A-B-I-L-T-Y. Its
a joy to think it might be possible to let your guard down, even for a disillusioned
moment. (Well, men change there minds all over the world....)

The traffic? I remember traveling 1.5 hours each way to work, in 90 mph hour traffic,
bumper to bumper, twice a day, every day. (The Meritt Pkway). I remember sitting on the
same road for 6 hours in a snow storm....and the BASTARD I worked for....

Ok, Tom has a job and he makes 6 figures. But he hates it! And the cost of living, the
property taxes ($8000-9000/yr, here) are hardly worth the corrupt school administrations
they keep in BMW's.

The leaves change color. Good. You can download that off the internet. LaGuardia Airport
is sheer terror to fly in/out...god only knows how long it'll take to drive to JFK
(traffic) and Newark, well, that place holds a special place in the heart of all New

Ok..no hurricanes, real ones anyway, but Noreasters that cause the damage other people
 get 'aid' for. Then theres the snow storms, which are particularily delightful, esp
 those heavy, slushy 12-24 inch ones that freeze over for the next two months.

Whats my best guess? Why do we do it? My guess: ignorance, speculation and HOPE. Lots
and lots of HOPE.

Mother (losing her) Sanity

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Pretty good Rant. What are you hoping for? I've lived lots of places. They all had good and bad. I now live in an RV. Same thing. Good and Bad. I'm searching for that perfect place. Doubt if I'll ever find it. But it is fun hunting for it.
Hawaii. Kauai, though I've not been to Molokai. Heaven.
"Go west young woman" .............
You are not the first to tell me this... Son wanted to go to school in CA, but they have no money for financial aid.....
Ags, that's exactly why I stay. My family. It's much easier to raise my kids with a support system of family around.

The only thing I don't really like about the Chicago area is the winter. I love the heat in the summer. The city is culturally rich and interesting, and I'm happy with the public transportation options. My beach is wonderful in the summer, and there is a lot of great stuff to do here. It's just that darn blowing ice in February...
I hear the restaurants are great...but you can always visit!
For certain. Fly is 16 and Greg is 17...Fly will want to be on her own, but until then...its a hearty 'howdy neighbor' and leaving for work at sunrise (the early morning rays reflecting from the trash bags...). Theres a song called 'Ode to NJ', which you can find at itunes. Its sung by Woods Tea Company. Very funny, but very true. Fun to teach to your kids, well worth a buck.
I like the Bahamas too. Years ago, I went there by myself for a long weekend. I got to talkin' to the people, local and non, black and white. They treated me like a Queen.The food was veryexpensive (for tourists, damn, I'll die b4 paying $4 for an egg!) so the local folk took it upon themselves to feed me the food provided for them by the hotel. They asked me to stay and teach their children. (One of my many regrets.) But I've never been good with money and just couldnt do it. (I'm 52 and still dont have a bank account!). They said that I would never want for anything....except that maybe one day I might want to return to Philadelphia....

The last time we were there, Barrach Obama was sworn in as President. We all stood together, we cheered , we hugged we laughed and we cried. Just the hope that inequality would one day be unheard of...what joy!
Yup. Hawaii. Trade winds, clear water, dolphins, flowers, year round moderate weather, volcanic ponds its a sons god given privelage to take care of his war weary mother....Maybe son will choose the University of Hawaii, instead. Maybe I'll get cured. Ofcourse their K-12 schools are open only 4 days a week now (budget crisis), but hell, maybe I can teach. Black sand beaches, giant sea turtles, an ocean between you and anyone deciding to 'stop by' and bug you. No raccoons. Chickens walking about. Incredable natural beauty, and if you like fruit....it grows right there wild on trees. (We never travel without our axe!
Hawaii is the closest to what you describe Felicia. Temps in the 80's year round, not much rain except for Feb.
I lived in PA too. Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. What they did to that poor city! I rather liked DC...PA was pretty conservative ( although they put me through college,) (albeit on on of those gratuitous senatorial scholarships, that later caused such a ruckas. I did work for mine...the candidate won, ofcourse.
For me, the timing of this thread struck me funny. We cleaned out 3 rooms and 4 closets to have new carpets put down. The installers are here right now. I looked through some of my papers from when I was over the road 15 years ago. There were 2 notebooks full of directions for every run. I shuttered every time I came across directions that included I-95. I spent way too much time between D.C. and Mass. I truely hate the northeast coast. Western PA and East OH is where I belong. Lots of friendly people here too as well as the south.




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