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What's for dinner tonight??

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I'm doing a couple of chicken breasts on the grill, maybe with some potato salad. I'll eat the second one next week sometime.
I'm coming over, Stillgoing. sounds great.
Burger, fries and green beans.
I had a hot dog with mustard relish and onions, french fries and a chocolate shake
We had Buffalo chicken pizza and a garden salad
Munchkins, what else.
Shepherds pot pie with Italian bread and green tea.
Surprise surprise !! cant wait !!!
I just had a protein bar...very delicious..chocolate nut burst...by "snickers" so it has to be healthy right???
Hamburgers on the grill with slices of garden tomatoes, seasoned fries, and summer squash.
Tonight was garden tomatoes and zucchini with dried shitakes in a cabernet sauce simmered and reduced, then poured over pasta and topped with grilled chicken breasts. You know, something simple. It's a week night.
If that is simple what the heck am I eating?




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