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What state are you in today? Why?



The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. So, are you a New York or ______________?






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And that scares the crap outta me. Depending on what news you listen to, the choice may be between Perry and Bachmann. My God, yesterday I heard on a national news channel, the mention of a Perry/Palin ticket.
That would assure a win for Obama......at least it should.
I can only hope so Bob. The thought of any thing else gives me the shudders.
And, as a woman T? Even more so...
How do people like Perry and Bachman get so much attention? They don't have a whole mind between them.
Sadly P.A., I am coming to believe there are way too many Americans that are...I guess I'll say this as nicely as I can, clueless.

I've often been surprised by what I call "Cult Mentally"...they want someone else to fix their problems for them???

They've found a "leader" who thinks like them...who lends credance to their narrow-minded world???

Like, if we put prayer back in school or outlaw abortion, and sex education our nation will be okay???

If, we keep letting the gazillionaires pay lower taxes they'll help us in the end?

If we don't allow immigration they'll be more jobs for Americans? HelloOOOooo...The Mexicans do those jobs because Americans don't want to...they snub their noses at jobs that don't start them at $20.00 an hour!

If we stop overseas manufacturing we'll have more jobs in the US? Jobs went overseas, in part, because Americans want to pay low, low prices for their goods and services!


I have to stop now, I feel my blood pressure rising...


Entitlement,(noun) The right to do or have something. That means social security, medicare, retirement pay, good roads, and many others. However the word is often used as applying only to things that others have.
I'm in a state of frustration right now...
You know, if you stop watching tv news, reading papers, and surfing the internet, you soon come to realize that we are pretty damn well off.


time for "The Daily Show"

Indeed Robbie. Indeed. Every time I find myself in a long line and starting to feel figgity - I cast my mind back to my work with my cousin in Africa. We would fly in - set up medical camp - and( as we were landing) we would see people ( mostly women and children  holding children in their arms) who had been patiently waiting in queue for days ( yes days)  after having walked MILES through extremely dangerous and difficult terrian.  I wish I could take all the 'entitlement" peeps out of their comfort zone and drop them into a zone that would give their head, and their bowels a damn good shake.

Despite ALL of our problems, we have clean water to drink. This in and of itself, is a gift beyond all possible measure that we have given ourselves, and must find a way to share. 

So every day I'm very grateful. First and foremost. THEN I'll gnash my teeth! ;)




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