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Those look like Marigolds, I have a small planter with crocuses growing in it that my sis gave me for my birthday in the fall and I put them in the fridge for a few weeks and then planted them.

Yes, one pot is Marigolds and the other Zinnias, then my solar powered radio and to the right of it a small solar panel. It is getting to that time of year when I may start some more plants. Last year I started the Tomatoes too early and they were almost too big to put outside by planting season.

I bought a soil thermometer and a grow cart. Have yet to buy a heating mat for starting seeds. My housemate wants to start them early but like you said when they get too lanky they're harder to plant than something small and sturdy. The soil here doesn't heat up to 70 degrees until the first of June but we had more tomatoes than we knew what to do with by September. Boy, were we popular with the neighbors. I think I might have even waited a week or two before planting in June last year. Would love to have a mini greenhouse.


Kind of frosty.

Some books, a telephone, and a needlework kit.

A brass spy glass




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