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Wendy dont you think we have enough already !!!!
As I have understood it WnedyLynn, That is how it's done. You make up the rules, pick a book to back it all up and GO FOR IT.................You rule the people and get paid to do it! Heck of a deal

My ex father in law did that, made a killing at it!
Go for it.
I promise we wont blush.

A taco does sound good though.
Which god put you up to this? Mine is giggling.
Me too!! Thanks Nick! lol
This might work - "Dudeism".

me too.....I think there is a flaw in this study
I'm confused. Will God still like me?
You think it did before you saw this chart????
I can't believe the bacon is the split off point for five religion.
that means I am lifeless :(




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