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And how do you feel about it now? Did you learn from it? Did you become different somehow? Would you do it again?

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Wow Anthony! I'm speachless, thanks for sharing that.
Maintaining an even keel when my ex was using our daughter as a weapon during the divorce, filling her 10-year-old head with grotesque lies and hateful bullshit. Resisting the temptation to tell her "Oh YEAH? Wanna hear what's REALLY going on?"

My mantra was, "I don't need to make my daughter hate her mom - Her mom will do that all by herself. What my daughter is depending on is for me to be the responsible adult in this shitfest." And as she grew older and began to associate with other children from "broken" homes, she began to get a clearer picture of what was actually happening, the lies and the manipulations, and while I don't gloat over the rancor that has developed between the two, I can't help but consider what the alternatives could have been. Substance abuse, emotional problems, self-destructive habits - None of those have come to pass that I can see. She's an exceptionally well-balanced, poised young woman who hasn't let anger or resentment rule her life. Taking the high road damn near gave me ulcers, but all I had to do was keep reminding myself what was at stake.
amen to that!
Oh woe is me.........

OK, I'm over it. Another round over here Innkeeper.
The hardest thing ive had to do was keep a promise to my wife and father as he lay dying not to tell the rest of the family what i really thought about them not helping with his care up to the end, ive always been accused of being the trouble maker in the family, i kept my mouth shut this time, inow live with a lot of deep dark disrespect for the rest of the siblings. dont care to ever be around them again.yes as you all have guessed..there is more to the story but i have grown into a much stronger person from all of this. Thank you so much for listening! May God Bless!
this one I can answer easy----Bury my second child at 5 months of age. She was born with a heart defect and did not make it long. My husband did not show. It was too hard on the fool. Life is interesting.
Blondie, I am so sorry for your pain, I hope that you have healed in heart, but one never forgets, I know.
I can't imagine that kind of pain blondie. God bless you.
Kudos to you John for keeping your promise. I probably would have shot my mouth off.
OMG Tammy, I couldn't do your job. Even knowing how resiliant children are, I still couldn't do your job.
You're amazing. Thank you for the work you do.
All of this is just amazing! After answering and reading silly, funny questions here everyday, these posts show how many wonderful and strong people really are here! I had to do many hard things in my life, however, I feel that they are not worth mentioning compared to some of the emotional pain some of you go and have gone through. I feel really blessed to have you as my friends! (((Hugs!!))) These posts show the strenght and greatness in all of you!




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