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You saw it but wish you hadn't.  You're told you need to see it but you don't want to.

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sigh..... life is hard.
I feel ya here Ubu. About a month ago I was walking across the street to my grocery store and I heard a thud behind me. As I was turning my head to see what I thought would be a fender bender I heard the yelping of a dog. Turns out it was a dog hit by a car in the middle of that 4 lane busy street. Also ended up being my next door neighbors black lab, Mandy. We brought her to the sidewalks grassy median and called animal control to come help. I had her head in my lap while we waited, blood coming out of her mouth. Good news and lucky dog, she had lost a tooth(the bleeding) and had a bruised leg. She made it and is as spastic as ever.
Spastic? :-) I know the type.
On the lighter side......a Nickelback concert. :-)
A 19 year old girl dead on the interstate. I was entering a construction zone in my 18 wheeler. Trucks were required to drive in the left lane only. She passed me on the right, weaving in and out of traffic. She hit a lane shift going way too fast and hit a Jersey barrior on the left side and drove 2 concrete barriors into the other 2 lanes, flipped her car and was ejected. I'm thankful I didn't witness it, there was a big truck in front of me, less than a mile after she passed me, my cb radio came alive with "break check" 4 wheeler flipped. She was lying on the road with an incredible amount of blood from her head running all the way across one of the lanes. I found it odd that by the time I got to her there were 4 or 5 people just standing about 20 feet away. I used to be certified in cpr, as I approached her, some guy told me that she was dead. There was a baby blanket lying on the road. I went to the upside down car and looked around real good. Several of us walked back to look for a baby lying in the median or along the shoulder. There was no baby, she was alone.
That is definitely something I wouldn't want to see.
I wouldn't want to see that Larry, that is just scary and sad. I would be petrified. I was just reading about the 8 bikers in Phoenix that were slammed into by a dump truck, horrible thing to witness.
The Easter bunny came to the farm but only left chocolate colored jelly beans, even the cows will not eat them.
The Movie "The Pledge" .
When I was between 5 and 10, the neighbor killed his rabbits. That awful, eerie sound they make is nightmarish.

Then just we turned the ranch into a subdivision, they butchered the last cow. When it got dark, they asked me to go bury the cow parts in the field. YUK!
My diabetic cat get hit by a car (wish it hadn't happened and I hadn't seen it).

And that extra thirty pounds around my middle and legs,

Don't want to see "Dude Where's My Car?"
A poem about coprophilia while I am eating dinner.

At least I wasn't eating corn.




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