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Yes. My avatar pic is accurate. I'm blonde. And although I absolutely don't think of myself as old, the last 2 days...

- Yesterday I got my beloved convertible out of the shop & thoroughly enjoyed driving around w/the top down, sunshine beating down on me, wind blowing my hair. I even wrote a haiku about it! Came home last night, hadn't seen or heard a weather report, but it was beautiful out, so I left the top down. One of my communal housemates called me at 8am this morning when he got in from work.... "Hey, Taylor... did you know it was raining outside?"
ggrrrr!!!!! So much rain that there was standing water on the floorboards.

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ROTFL! hahaha...... I'm glad you enjoyed so, Kittycat! '-)

(and honestly, there's not even ONE SENTENCE of embellishment - it all happened exactly as I described!
Sad. Very sad. ;-p)
Taylor, you live in Atlanta, it rains every day. What were you thinking?

To dry out the carpets open the doors and take off the strip across the bottom of the door. Shove something under the carpet and put a fan on it. It'll take a considerable amount of time to dry but if you don't get it dry you'll get mold.
Stillgoing -

in reference to Part I of your comment there - shut up.
(you just added a chapter to my blondeness. Tx a lot)

in reference to Part II of your comment there - thanks! '-)
Looking forward to tomorrow's report.
Could this be the new reality show? Of course I would always forget when it's on.
shut up, Ubu. I'm sure it's a 24 hour bug. '-)
I feel so much better about myself now.
Have I met you?
hahaha.... do you mean me? Well, no.... do I look familiar?
yeah. glad I could help you out there, larry. that'll be $20.
Only $20, did Larry get a coupon, frequent visitor credit?

What's the story lady of many names with soggy car carpets.




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