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I seem to learn something new nearly every day. Sometimes it's something as simple as, 'Don't talk politics with the new coworker.' Or, 'Do not put the rubbing alcohol in the spot where the mouthwash usually sits.'

Today it was an interesting, but useless, piece of trivia. You're all familiar with the phrase, "Blowing smoke up his ass"? Did you ever wonder WHY someone would say that?

It seems that in the early 1800's there was a device called a tobacco smoke enema. Yep, you can guess how it was used.... They thought it was effective for reviving drowning victims, or relieving "stoppages". It wasn't, but it did spawn an interesting phrase at least!

So, what have you got - what did you learn today?

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There are over 60 way to spell Libian leader Mommar Kadafi's name. Maybe that is what he talked to the UN about for 92 minutes yesterday.
Learned this a while back. In colonial days when large familys lived in one room houses, everyone bathed in a portable bathtub that was placed in the middle of the house, they used the same water. The oldest child was first and on down to the baby. The water was filthy dirty by the time baby got bathed to where the baby could get lost and forgotten in the filthy water. Thus the expression "don't throw out the baby with the water".

Today I learned it was Sara's birthday. She's 41.
In colonial days!!???!! Am I that old?
I learned that my SO does not want me to correct her in front of someone else.
That's a very good thing to learn!
Today I learned about a device made in 1800 to smoke up the ass ;-)
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Did u get new glasses yet?
Did you know he was also a trained killer and Navy Seal.




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