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My brother and I would build something.
My sister would show up and fall on it or step on it.
She did not do it deliberately, she was just clumsy.

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Mom got a new record player, the record was spinning, here came my sister, she put her butt on it and broke it. It was almost fifteen minutes old.
Sooner or later most everything.
Pru, you heart breaker you, shame. I was the perfect child. I never broke anything. My sister did it all. I told Mom on her everytime.
Oh yeah, lots of hearts. ....do you get kickbacks from the cardiologists?
I didn't "break" it, but when I was 15 I decided I was going to take my Moms 1976 Ranchero out of the garage(she wasn't home at the time) and just back it out and pull it back in. Well I got a little to close to the garage on the passengers side and scraped a good foot or so down the door.Busted!! And grounded. I did break a picture frame and some glass hummingbirds a few years back...accidentally.Big feet and clumsy hands.
A few rules.I've always seen rules as simply guidelines.
I broke my Mothers brand new Electrolux Vacuum.
I accidentally stuck it in the fish bowl.
Fire flew.
Man was I in trouble.
I love things that involve fire and explosions, might as well do it right. Were the fish ok?
my sister and i got into a fight and i locked her out of the house and she broke the garage door window
trying to get back in!




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