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It's Easter for us Christians. The day is a blessed one for those of us who believe in hope.

So, what constitutes a good day for me besides one bursting with hope? My response would be one of spontaneity, outdoor explorations, and fun filled laughter. I love the days at the beach, picnics at the park, street fairs, and carnivals.

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Looks just like the RV Park.

Johnny Cash said, "There's something 'bout a Sunday, that makes a body feel alone".  This doesn't apply to me.  I feel very relaxed and comfortable on Sunday mornings.  I don't go to any church, but I do feel something is a little spiritual about it.  I like to either sleep late and wallow in the sheets or rise early and hit the diner while everyone else is doing their service to God.

I slept in today.

a revernd down to the suthern baptist church tole me i hav a dooty to witness fer jeehovuh n spred his wurd

When we go to the cemeteries and put flowers on our families graves.

nice weather for picture taking for my child's prom:




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