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Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment. I read it as a kid, then picked it up again on this trip. (This time son was reading it.) Absolutely rivetting. 

I just finished Infidel (what a brave woman!) and was ready to start on Satanic Verses (S. Rushdie) before I was diverted. Next I just MUST re-read The Brothers Karamazov. Theres a reason this stuff is classical.

What about you? What's in your reading pile?

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Thanks to Snagg, who resurrected this thread.

D-man & I just finished Grant Jerkins' "A Very Simple Crime." We took turns reading it aloud to one another. Neither of us had ever read a book that way. It was quite enjoyable; we'll do it again, for sure. The book...

I really liked it from the beginning until maybe 3/4 through. I found it's ending weak & disappointing.

I'm reading "The World According To Garp". Not sure why I had never read it before. I remember it made quite a splash. They made a movie of it. I never saw the movie either. I'm find the going kind of slow. It doesn't come close to his later work, like "A Prayer For Owen Meany".  I will continue to read it. 

I really like what I've read by John Irving. I have "A Prayer for Owen Meany" & have never read it, for some reason, even though I have friends who rave & rave about it. 

...need to move that one up my 'need to read' list.

Have you read "Hotel New Hampshire"? I loved that one. More than Garp.

speaking of "Garp" - isn't that where the line, "Watch out for the undertoad" comes from?

I just finished "Pegasus" by Robin McKinley.
I love her work.  My favorites were Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword.

I enjoyed those, too!

My favorite is Beauty, but I like her other books as well.

I finally devoted some serious time to Fall of Giants by Ken Follett and finished it last week.

I wasn't sure I liked it, but then changed my mind because I am looking forward to part two :-)


Not sure what to read next. I have a stack of books purchased for next to nothing when a local bookstore went out of business recently.


[d's---read A Prayer For Owen Meany, you'll love it.]

This page.....:=D
You asked...


[d's---read A Prayer For Owen Meany, you'll love it.]


I will, I will! 

People of the River by W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear

It is from a series about the prehistoric Americans




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