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Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment. I read it as a kid, then picked it up again on this trip. (This time son was reading it.) Absolutely rivetting. 

I just finished Infidel (what a brave woman!) and was ready to start on Satanic Verses (S. Rushdie) before I was diverted. Next I just MUST re-read The Brothers Karamazov. Theres a reason this stuff is classical.

What about you? What's in your reading pile?

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"I Drink For A Reason", by David Cross.
Well, That seems pretty weak to me. I've never needed a reason to drink. (:>)
I've read that book too, P.A., and the others in that series! 
I covet so many books and have very little time to read them. It's really hard not to have a wish list when I get the sale book catalog. Already spent a couple hundred on books but feel guilty taking the time to read with the chores and handyman work that needs to be done. Someday..........
Thee's some old saying about leaving the housework behind and spending more time with your children; I subscribe to that theory in regards to books :-)

Just finished "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter".


Yes, it's real.


Tomorrow I'll start "The Year Of Living Biblically", a true story in which a 21st-century man decides to live according to ALL of the bible, not just the parts that conveniently match up with our current cultural standards - Which I understand will eventually require him to do things like publicly throwing bricks at adulterers and committing other illegal acts. Should be fun.

I'm reading tbd. Again!!!
Yes but , but,but the addition needs insulating so the pipes don't freeze again this winter when it's -30. And the wood needs paint on it to keep from rotting. I have to keep up with the garden. Next year I'm planning one twice the size of this years and I'm working on that quilt . I'll get about 2 grand for it so I have to do all the paper work and get a tax ID ect.YAWN , there was a time when I'd go to the library and you would think that I was a clepto I brought home as many books as I could carry. I'm ready for winkin , blinkin and nod to come sailing by. GNite yous guys.
I like that theory, Quinn!
I finished Robinson Crusoe then went directly into Treasure Island by RL Stevenson.   Taking a break from high seas adventures for now.   Woman In White by Wilkie Collins was picked up at the library this morning.
"Glimpses of Grand Traverse Past", by Richard Fidler......a collection of vignettes of past events around here.  I love the books about my area....there are plenty of them out there, and more being publishing all the time.

I "google" a lot. 

Does that count?




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