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Does anyone know if it exists?

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This is just a wild guess, but judging from the big sign over the door that says "No Technical Support" I'm gonna say no.
There is a "Help With This Site" group that you might want to check out if you are having problems.
I wish it had spell check. I spell bad.
Did you try and click on Robyn's picture in the lower right hand corner?
Hi Grace...here is a link to my Group "message board"....to a help discussion I posted on alerts and chat:


this is another discussion link about a message Robin posted getting to ning help:


And there is a group that may be helpful, its called "Help with this site"....you can ask a question and your answer will be posted there.


I hope these help you...and you can send me a message or even contact me at facebook...I'm usually somewhere between the 2.




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