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When rumors start flying, I tend to keep my head down. (That and hell, the weather'sbeen great)! So, any solid nooze???

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Yes. This is the afterlife.
I knew the afterlife was achievable s/ even trying....
Once more, news of TBD's demise have been greatly exaggerated. TBD is us, and we're (mostly) still here. A few lemmings jumped ship.
Yes, Chez, you are so right. TBD is us....the folks who share moments each day, whimsical, sad, whatever. We come here to learn, to socialize and sometimes to vent. That's what people used to do on the front porch as darkness crept in and the fireflys of summer emerged. Fortunately, though front porches have all but vanished, we still have a place to come. I will never understand why a rumor of "closing" causes a mass exodus to parts unknown....Jaylee and I have discussed this a lot.......we can't find any real answers either.
Ya'll keep sharing your wit and intelligence....we'll read it...may not answer everything we see, but we're here.
has there been a signifigant loss in membership?
I my opinion yes but many good people are still here.
I refuse to jump back and forth. I signed up on "WaterWorld" cause I thought TBD was going to sink, but now that it looks as if it's staying I'm staying as well. I'm going to close my page over there and stay here.
I'm still here. No matter where I go, I always come back.
I agree and now that the weather is nice....
I'm w/you, Quinn (& Cowboy & Robbie & others) -- I just stayed put, & I think we'll weather this change just fine. I have seen a noticeable drop-off, and I hope folks will wander back when they see that the dust has settled.
See that "Donate" button on the right-hand column of the page? That's how it's taken care of.

Toss a few bucks in, if you're enjoying yourself. Don't leave Robin holding the bag...
TBD will never go away.
It is here forever.




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